The Xbox Series X was designed by people who believe in games

Xbox Series X is exactly the console Microsoft needed to build. And I'm taking it as a sign that Microsoft believes in Xbox's future.

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DiRtY1083d ago

“I'm taking it as a sign that Microsoft believes in Xbox's future.“

Well the billions of dollars spent on content and Studios make this point fairly obvious.

Obscure_Observer1083d ago

"Well the billions of dollars spent on content and Studios make this point fairly obvious.

Ideed. More acquisitions to come.

Phil Spencer is on fire

crazyCoconuts1083d ago

Oh no! Did he get too close to the XSX exhaust port??
Just kidding :-)

Nasdac1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

At this point MS doesn't need more acquisitions(on small scale it doesn't matter), they need to focus on delivering quality games. If they continue to acquiring Studios this will turn out to Gaming Monopoly and we don't need that in Gaming Industry.

Money cant secure success thought, talent and fresh ideas can.

mkis0071083d ago

" More acquisitions to come"

Id be surprised if everyone stopped all of a sudden.

Father__Merrin1083d ago

Phil Spencer is on fire? More like Phil Spencer should be fired.... Xbox under him has been painful these last 5 years

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Ratchet751083d ago

Microsoft checkbook is on 🔥.

1082d ago
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BillyG0AT1083d ago

As a console, not just as a service.
It *should* be fairly obvious what he said, you're correct there.

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boxer19851083d ago

All these billion dollar studios will be creativily limited by 10gb of slow ram and a 3.9tf gpu. Defenitily believing in the future there Phil.

CaptainObvious8781083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )


It's so utterly stupid to say xbox believes in the future of the industry in that context.

All they care about is their precious gamepass. It's why they are perfectly fine releasing a gimped xss to sell to uneducated casuals that's going to hamsting the xsx for the entire generation.

And yet there's so many fools defending or dismissing this.

If you want an actual next gen console with actual next gen games, get a ps5, it's as simple as that.

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Christopher1083d ago

Civil engineers who believe in games?

Fishy Fingers1083d ago

Might be worth googling what 'civil engineers' actually engineer...

Christopher1083d ago

@Fishy Fingers: I was just trying to go with the flow. But, yeah, no bridge building happening here. I like that you replied to me and not TheExecutioner, though :P

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Fishy Fingers1083d ago

Southbridge and northbridge are standard parts of a motherboard dude.

Christopher1083d ago

@Fishy Fingers: I thought AMD called them controller hub and apu?

RememberThe3571083d ago

Fishy so sassy nowadays

I'm here for it 😂

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crazyCoconuts1083d ago

well, who else would build the southbridge! (ba-dum-dum)

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BillyG0AT1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Civil Engineers design septic tanks for playgrounds, so little kids can take shits

Sorry, just reminded me of that line xD

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darthv721083d ago

I love the new direction xbox is heading. That change in leadership (both at XB and MS) has done an amazing turn around for the platform. No tv tv tv and more games games games.

Christopher1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

With Microsoft so heavily focused on cloud computing, Xbox is only going to see continued support to dominate in that arena against Google and Amazon. It's an arena Microsoft cannot afford to lose (neither can the other two, though). And as long as they get that support, their hardware and software will continue to be supported as a means to their goal because everyone realizes that the biggest differentiator in the cloud is content and pricing.

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Christopher1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

@darkWingsoul: This isn't so much as breaking barriers as it is preventing others from doing it if it's possible. Microsoft DOES NOT want Google or Amazon entering any cloud market they can't beat them at.

CaptainObvious8781083d ago

You mean the direction of their abysmal support for this entire generation and will continue that pattern by not releasing a single launch exclusive for their glorified pc (xsx), which will be throttled to cater to the weaker xss, all the while they brag about BC because that's literally all they can brag about and continuing their push to turn the industry into a subscription model that will see the disappearance of quality AAA games that will be replaced with shallow, poorly made GaaS that are riddled with MTs?

That direction?

You people supporting this are beyond the pale.

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Valkron11082d ago

Hey, CaptainObvious, you seem to view gaming as it is in it's current state and not see where the future is going. This has nothing to do with bragging rights on launch day. I'm glad Phil is focusing on where he is taking Xbox. In five years nobody will care about launch day, who had a 4k UI, or that one remake that may or may not be next gen. I'll be playing Starfield and ES6 on my Series X Pro in my living room, my PC at work, streaming to my Series S in the bedroom, and on my tablet or cell when I'm away from home. You will be like Al Bundy reminiscing how you had 4 touchdowns in high school while the rest of the world grew up 😁

CaptainObvious8781082d ago

Yes, please forgive me for wanting the industry to continue to produce amazing AAA games that I can actually own for a reasonable price.

Ironically, It's actually you that fails to see where the future is headed. And thanks to your ignorance you'll be supporting it's inception.

Killer73nova1083d ago

Not really. It was built for its fans.

Christopher1083d ago

You do realize this is about who built it, not for whom it was built, right? It can be both built FOR fans and built BY people who believe in games.

SinisterKieran1083d ago

tbh thats 100% false, it was built for developers. cerny did a trip going to all major studios and asked what they wanted in the new console.
their number 1 ask was for a super fast SSD. other things of course etc etc.