The making of a Rat King: How Naughty Dog created its scariest foe in The Last of Us Part 2

Naughty Dog reveals the secrets behind The Last of Us Part 2's Rat King, and how it was brought to life

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Sonic-and-Crash415d ago

They just copy-pasted G tyrant 4th form from Resident Evil 2 (original version concept art) or Akira s Japanese aesthetic for mutated adversaries..Nothing new here

TeamIcoFan414d ago

It's Naruga's alt account.
Remember? The guy that absolutely hates anything non japanese?

413d ago
Shezgear414d ago

The scariest were the ones on the wall. Scared the shit out of me. And the ones Who didnt make noise

Inverno414d ago

Not very scary, and was actually a pretty easy fight. Everything leading up to it was more scary with those stalkers attached to the walls. Personally the fight with the bloater in the arcade was way more tense

Redemption-64414d ago

I actually enjoyed the boss fight, died a few times, but was fun

S2Killinit414d ago

That thing scared the bejesus out of me

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