September 2020 NPD results have Marvel's Avengers on top

Marvel's Avengers had the second-best launch month dollar sales of any superhero game ever per NPD, while the Nintendo Switch was again the best-selling console of the month.

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System_Call38d ago

First best launch of a super hero game belongs to Marvel Spider Man and that's while being exclusive to 1 platform. In contrast, Marvel Avengers is multi platform.

Sayai jin38d ago

Oooh no. I'll pass on Avengers, but Spiderman is a must!

roadkillers38d ago

Everyone's complaining about the sales and quality of Avengers, but the real news is... NO GTA5 in the top 20!! GTA6 confirmed

Direwolf48438d ago

Take-Two isn't sharing digital data anymore, which I'm pretty is why it's not in there. It's absolutely still funny and kind of wild to not see it there though.

Sgt_Slaughter37d ago

I imagine Avengers dropped off super hard once the people who bought it realized how boring and barebones the game is. Plus Avengers was basically the only major release recently, no wonder it was at the top.