Dominating in Domination - Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Multiplayer Beta Gameplay

COG writes: With less than a month until Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War officially drops, the beta is here and available for you to get in on the action. Will it be what you've been waiting for from the franchise? Check out our multiplayer domination gameplay to find out.

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TheRacingX6d ago

I didnt like it at all, played too fast and choppy like a quake game from '01, character animation was horrible, because of it playing so fast characters look ike they floated along the ground, hit dectection is horrible, sniper rifles are still just long range shotguns that require little to no aim....if you have an elite controller, the 3 round burst gun is your immediate friend, just set your controller to rapid fire and your almost invincible.....K&M players will have a field day against controller players in this one.....I could go on....I'm sure I'll get panned by the COD discilplies out there...oh well...enjoy

5d ago