Does Xbox Series X get really hot? We ran tests to find out.

Microsoft's Xbox still hasn't fully shaken off the dreaded "RROD" defect with the Xbox 360, despite every Xbox since then having rather good cooling. How well does the super-powered 12TF Xbox Series X fare? Pretty damn well actually.

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SpadeX11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

That's fantastic news. ~35°C is surprisingly cool for a gaming machine. Although the noise level (which isn't mentioned) does concern me.

TheScotsman11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

So we believe an obvious microsoft source that the console is cool. Hmmm ...
Very suspect. And very paid for. Presentation

SpadeX11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Why would they lie about it when the console will be in the hands of everyone in a few weeks? This would cause them nothing but credibility issues and a PR nightmare for Microsoft if they were to lie.

badz14911d ago


"Why would they lie about it when the console will be in the hands of everyone in a few weeks?"

I'm not calling they are lying here but were you just born when the RRoD breakout happened? They freakin lied and denied about it when the consoles were already in millions of homes and failing in huge numbers.

SpadeX11d ago

Why are you bringing up an issue that occurred last generation though and was led by a different Xbox head? This is a different subject and the 360's RRoD history isn't applicable to what we're seeing here.

TheScotsman11d ago

Because he wants to point out that they have lied before obviously.

oof4611d ago

@badz149: If it was an RROD level problem, there is no way they would have given units out to media and youtubers.

CannOfPoo11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

@Badz149 In a few weeks that would be TWO generations ago the RROD happened, I very much doubt they are going to make the same mistake again, try harder try hard.

Jericho133711d ago

Well everyone Sony has released about the PS5 has been direct from them, so are you saying we should be suspicious of them too?

Cmon mate, the console is in the hands of hundreds of journalists who are also testing it, so it’s unlikely there’s any smoke and mirror practices going on.

This rumour was bs from the start, but because it’s Xbox everybody chose to believe it. Yet when any negative rumours come out about the PS5, it’s 100% fake. Can’t have it both ways.

CruseMissle10d ago

Did you believe the controlled environment PS5 temps?

ABizzel110d ago

I don't think the console is overheating. The design is made to intake and push cold air from the bottom of the console (when standing like a monolith), and blow hot air out the top. RRoD was more due to cheaply made and rushed consoles also skimming on coolant. I don't see that here.

The issue is the Series X and probably to a lesser extent the Series S, literally blow their heat right straight into the air where it easily becomes noticeable, compared to almost all other consoles where they blow heat behind them away from gamers.

So if you put your hand over the Series X and it's standing up, you will definitely feel the warm air blowing out, almost like an electric heater. The Series S uses less power, but if it produces similar heat its blows the same as the Series X if the Series S is laying down, or straight at you if it's standing up (a true electric heater).

I feel these things are being slightly blown out of proportion, however, it does show that these are clearly not consumer forward design choices, as this shouldn't even be a PR talking point that MS should have to face if they thought about this in the design phase.

4Sh0w10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

ColeMaGrath what noise level?..Every Series X review Ive seen said it was a very quiet machine.

TheScotsman, multiple sources have tested the heat Series X is cooler than Xbox One, Xbox One X AND Ps4pro.

Why make uniformed statements that are very easy to find answers for?...Google is your friend.

Rude-ro10d ago

“Why would they lie?”

Because they did with the 360 while knowing from the beginning that the console was faulty?

They also had the gaming friends downplay the issue for a year until faced with either recall or add a warranty that would cover the KNOWN production timeline of faulty products. Ie three years.

alb189910d ago

Not just MS has been saying it.
There you have it:

FanboysKiller10d ago

You have trust issues which is subjective and opinionated at heart, " were you born ? " phrase on 7th gen time doesn't qualify that you aged well in this industry.

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Bathyj11d ago

35? My room gets hotter than that. Ahh the tropics.

SpadeX11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

And that's under full load. On standby it's much lower.

Jin_Sakai11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

45 Celsius vertical
51 Celsius horizontal
56 Celsius inside cabinet or “box” lol

chiefJohn11710d ago

Never put a console in a cabinet

Om4ever10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

He mentionned it's a prototype... 40 sounds good to me for the final product.

But Jin_Sakai will never stop... Probably the biggest ps fanboy on this site. Have a break man

And by the way your dear ps4 pro is reaching 60...not inside cabinet

Profchaos11d ago

Windows central reported it so don't drink the cool aid other sources have stated in the 50s which is still perfectly acceptable and completely normal

ssj2711d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Running current gen games. Let wait for truly nextgen games using rt and full power. Lucky Microsoft that seems like st least 2 year lol

ziggurcat11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

So much wrong with this so-called test.

1. There's no mention of the amount of time spent testing
2. No mention of the area of the game they tested (for all we know they could have sat idle in the menu or AFK in game)
3. No mention of the expansion slot while in standby mode, which is the spot that started this whole temperature debate.
4. They test the base PS4, with a different game (and don't mention the area tested - could have easily been a heavy load area, given their propensity for making PS look bad). Fair comparison would have been Monster Hunter on the PS4 Pro (they don't touch the base Xbox One in their testing) in the exact same game area.
5. The only temperature they cite with regards to the PS4 was the air vents, but then don't justify it like their brief mention of the vent temperature on the Series X (they also didn't specify what that temperature was).

TheProblem10d ago

The guy from windowscentral has been caught lying loads of times. He’s even the one who tried to spread the rumour of ps5 overheating

gravedigger10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

This youtuber measured around 60C with Gears 5.

RDR 2 near 50C

But let's wait for real next-gen games.

Sprucegoose7710d ago

Actually it got up to 56C on another game with more demanding settings. 56C is still not bad regardless. Another site ran tests and got up to about 56C as well. Try reading next time and not just posting out of context! Also the room they were testing in was 18C. That's fairly cool. So this is not entirely accurate as many rooms will not be a cool 18C. To be fair they said PS4 was running about 60C for some comparison!

ziggurcat10d ago

"To be fair they said PS4 was running about 60C for some comparison!"

Not a fair comparison because the temps they cited for the xbox was the body temp. The temp they cited on the PS4 was the air vents.

RedDevils10d ago

So it's MS trying to make annother jet

RangerWalk26710d ago

The PS5 was tested as well. It runs at a whopping 3° hotter 🤣
It's safe to say that heat will not be an issue this generation.

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Kiwi6611d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It runs cooler than some other devices

Kiwi6611d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I was mocking the results of the article but forgot to add the sarcasm symbol because my phone is playing up

4Sh0w10d ago

Multiple sources have tested the heat Series X is cooler than Xbox One, Xbox One X, AND Ps4pro.

Stanjara11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

What bullshit!
Normal person here on n4g, with a little brain can't believe 25*c standby, 35*c running 1800p 60fps monster hunter.

And on top of that crap.
Ps4 pro runs 60*c

Give me a brake.

O and top that...let's put the console in 18*c room.

Who plays games outside?

Omg I have to edit another one

If it is's lower than your body it's cooler to the touch while
1800p 60


SpadeX11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

They mentioned it's the base PS4 not the Pro model. And my OG PS4 also was warm to the touch in graphics-intensive games.

Also it doesn't have to be above 60 degrees to run 1800p. There are already PC setups that run at around the same level as XSX..

Stanjara11d ago

And they are not 35.
Your body temperature is 36.5.
Everything you touch and it's warm is probably 45.
Toasty is 60 to touch.
Beyond it burns.

Problem here isn't is board flexing, which console manufacturers figured that out...due to...well...billion dollar mistakes.

And board flexing hardware failures occur from years of use...on, off on off.

This test is crap, and heat from console doesn't mean
It will show design success after years of reliable use.

11d ago

People are over analyzing both consoles way to much. They are just SFF PC's in a case. It gets hot ok, they didn't build it so it would over heat, they tested the shit out of it. Just like every other PC or console. They get hot...ok. PC CPUs can can be in the 70's or even 80c and that's fine. If I was to buy either one I could give 2 shits about any of this and just be concerned with the games. Shit I thought I was bad on PC parts going over them but damn, wha'ts next, I suppose you want to know what type of plastic it was made from and the chemical make-up LOL. I would not be surprised if they wrote about it...

Tesla11d ago

If it gets them clicks, they will. 😆

Rainbowcookie10d ago

The black of the console is blacker than the past xboxes and even blacker than the ps4... 🤣🤣😂nex t article