Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Here's How Much Space The PC Version Will Save After Update

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been updated to a new version for PC that has implemented a modular install method. Here's how much space is saved by it.

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EFFIN_Adduce48d ago

So I need to download Warzone which is 100GB just to play COD Multiplayer (42GB). It says required so they are forcing a BR on you even if you only care about straight multiplayer DM and stuff. That's still ridiculous!

franwex47d ago

I get that MW takes 1 quarter of a terabyte on PC-but I’m not sure why this is an issue for PC players. I also get that there wasn’t enough room on an a 256 gig SSD for the whole thing either-but the game runs pretty much the same on a regular hdd-why not use the SSD for a game that will actually benefit from it-and leave MW on the regular HDD?

But I get it. Activision sucks-will never buy another call of duty again-wah, wah, wah.

EFFIN_Adduce47d ago

You probably wouldn't care if the game was 1TB then. Just throw it on the HDD and you'll be fine? You don't see the problem with that? It would be different if every game was this size but most games aren't even half the size.