31 Xbox Series X launch titles confirmed: But what about the rest?

Microsoft has confirmed the launch titles for the next-generation Xbox Series X consoles, but the list is more notable for the games that are missing.

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288d ago
lifeisgamesok288d ago

Seems like a case of over promising and undelivering

bouzebbal287d ago

honestly what's the point of buying a console for old gen games only?? most ridiculous line up i have ever seen.
X1 had a far better line up.
Killer Instinct
Dead Rising

NeoGamer232287d ago

Sunset was not a launch game.

bouzebbal287d ago

Still announced at launch.. Came short after

--Onilink--287d ago

Ryse and Killer Instinct were not particularly good games.
Dead Rising was decent
Sunset was not a launch title, it came out 1 whole year later.

The lineup looks very good to me, its not personally making me jump to get the console because I personally have already played most of the enhanced games and have a One X, but if I can find one at a decent price I would still get it.

Still though, my personal experiences with the games dont really determine if the lineup is good, its the quality of the games. There are people who did have an xbox or ps4 and maybe dont have one anymore, or never did have a console this gen, or just didnt play some of these games and now they can play the best version of them.

lifeisgamesok287d ago

I played those at launch and I agree. This launch lineup looks like one of the worst

Army_of_Darkness287d ago

$299 BC console. Good deal if you haven't gamed on a Xbox console this gen.

bouzebbal287d ago


I would buy a X1S much cheaper and same games at launch on gamepass

NeoGamer232287d ago

Sunset shipped a year after launch. I wouldn't call that "shortly".

287d ago
DaveZero287d ago

Erm no it didnt just like the ps5 both had remasteres and both will most likely have remasteres this coming gen for a couple of years.

We will see.

pocolocoX287d ago

Why buy a computer to run old software? Its just as pointless.

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NeoGamer232287d ago

They have been clear what they are delivering since they delayed Halo Infinite. I look at quality over quantity, and XB Series is not doing well on that front overall.

To me, the highlight games are Yakuza Like a Dragon and Gears Tactics. i played Gears Tactics on pc so won't pick that up. But, Yakuza looks like one of the best Yakuza's so far so I would get that if I got an XB Series device.

S2Killinit287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Its sad really. If xbox gamers dont step up and let them know they expect more, this will be the trend again. Backward compatiblbility is good but not a substitute.

Sayai jin287d ago

Hopefully the previous first party studios are cooking something up and now with Bethesda it should boast some pretty solid titles. Unfortunately, it is still a waiting game. Not sure why the other devs should have been cooking some really good games releasing in the first year, since they were mostly silent for a long time.

nickanasty206287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Honestly, super stoked to just play my backlog and Cyberpunk for now, not to mention Tetris Effect Connected. Tetris Effect on its own on my PS4 was amazing, looking forward to playing that with friends. No worries as well, the games may not be here for launch, but they will be trickling in, in large quantities over the next few years. Looking forward to E3 to see what the Xbox can really do. Just got through Mafia 1 and 2 and started 3. I'm actually really surprised how terribly Mafia 3 was reviewed, as i am really enjoying it so far. Feels like a more polished GTA with a better story line. I understand some of the side quests get a bit repetiitve, but the gunplay and story are so much better than GTA IMO.

Baza287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

“Over the next few years”. Enjoy waiting for those games lol

nickanasty206287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Have a PS5 preordered with Miles Morales, Godfall, Sackboy and Demon Souls as well as a great PC, so i won't be worrying too much in the short term. I'm a gamer, not a fanboy, so i get all the platforms so i don't miss out on a thing. I want to play games, and thats all i care about. I will have no shortage of those because i am all setup. Enjoy where you decide to play and don't criticize others for where they decide to play, we are all in very good shape regardless of where we game. 2021 and beyond will be very exciting for all of us, enjoy it!

Sayai jin287d ago


Yeah same here. Pay the negative comments no mind. Many on this site enjoy being cheerleaders and trolls.

Chriswheeler22287d ago

Just wanted to say I loved Mafia 3, had some flaws but I had a great time with it.

nickanasty206287d ago

Man good to hear it! Loving it so far tbh. The characters and story are great. I also love how they tied each Mafia game to one another. Mafia 2 was fun but a bit rough around the edges, but its fun to see Vito back in Mafia 3.

Christopher287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

All the titles they mention as being missing are games being carried over from last-gen and the majority of the games on that "launch" list are games already out on Xbox One. So, I mean, really, does it change much when this generation will just support more last generation games as more games have moved toward the model of longer support of titles via Seasons and whatnot?

I also think it unfair to praise the support of Xbox One games on Series X (or PS4 on PS5) as if that's an amazing feat to achieve compared to PS4/Xone release. The support we're seeing is akin to MMOs that all moved from 7th gen to 8th gen and will continue to move to 9th gen. Thank the developers for that support, but Microsoft and Sony aren't doing anything to get these games working on both. It's just good business for the publishers/developers.

nickanasty206287d ago

At a hardware level they do have to do some things to make sure backcompat works, so that is really the only reason to praise Sony and Microsoft for their work with BC. Preservation of games is getting more and more difficult these days, so i specifically praise developers and Sony and Microsoft for making their previous catalogs work on the new consoles. It has never really been done as well to this extent in previous generations with the exception of the first PS3's that came out, but from what i am hearing, the new consoles breath new life into the games in our backlog and seem to be the absolute best way to play them on top of that. From tons of reviews i am reading, most are saying they would never boot up their old consoles again just because loading times are so fast on the new consoles. I think its fantastic on all fronts.

Christopher287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

***At a hardware level they do have to do some things to make sure backcompat works***

These aren't backward compatible games. They're games updated specifically for the new console(s).

That is 100% on the developers. Some of the games are Microsoft games, but, still, they're supporting last-gen games and not "Series X" games.

tombfan287d ago

Not even 1 new exclusive game :(

nickanasty206287d ago

No worries those will be coming eventually. When you buy a boatload of studios, its hard to expect those developers will be able to put out games immediately when the average game completion cycle is anywhere from 3-5 years. We will get what we have been asking for on Xbox in time. It is tough to wait, but mark my words, they will have some exclusives coming out, and 1 to 2 years down the road, people will completely forget about how the Xbox Series X launched with no exclusives, until we start talking about the next generation. This is at most a minor inconvenience in the short term, but will pay off with patience in the long term. Most will disagree with me here, but just wait, Xbox will have some good things coming in their future, we just need to wait and give the new dev teams time so realize their visions with their games.

lifeisgamesok287d ago

I struggle to see how Xbox wasn't prepared for this upcoming generation after hardly releasing anything on the XB1 in a few years

nickanasty206287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Lifeisgamesok, they put all their eggs in the Halo basket and didn't deliver, which is a bummer, but based on what we saw when it was showcased it needed more time. I am all about developers taking more time when they need it. Would much rather have a complete game, instead of a half-assed pushed out release. Definitely terrible planning, i can only agree, but give it time i promise and you will see great things from the Xbox Teams.

Sayai jin287d ago

@Spartan, yes pretty much. A huge difference is that have 21 studios now, so that will change in the next few years.

@lifeisgamesok, agreed. The studios they purchased should have been working on some solid games for release within the first year of next gen.

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