"Disco Elysium” is celebrating its 1st anniversary with a new language feature and some console news

"The game developer and publisher ZA/UM has just announced that they are celebrating Disco Elysium's 1st anniversary today with a new language feature and some console news" - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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TheRealTedCruz46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Literally just sitting down to play this one for the first time. Had too much of an RPG backlog. Almost bought it full price a few days ago. Steam has it for 30% off so I jumped on it.

potatoseal46d ago

DON'T CLICK if you are looking for console news. There is absolutely none whatsoever. Not even a hint of anything. Misleading title

TGG_overlord45d ago

It's the devs own words:

"And in console news..?"

It was even in the headline of the e-mail that they sent out...

potatoseal45d ago

Yeah I know. But I was none too thrilled about their 'inside joke'. I was looking forward to an update on whether the game was coming to home consoles like PS4 or PS5. I bet they had a laugh about too, "Oh it's just the gameboy lolz". So I'm telling people not to click to save themselves the frustration and maybe, just maybe, they won't waste their time.