We don't need stamina bars in RPGs - it's time to evolve

"Ten years later, we need an evolution, something new, and I'm curious to see what FromSoftware is going to do with Elden Ring : whether it will go back to the roots or add new mechanics to the formula. It's interesting to think about this genre and see how it's simultaneously evolving and stagnating as it spreads across the industry."

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TheOptimist49d ago

Bruh.... We don't need challenge in games.... We don't need games themselves.....

Inverno47d ago

We don't need em specifically for traversal. If devs can toggle it on and off for fights and just getting around it'd be great. It really ruined exploration for me in BoTW and it's ruining it for me in Genshin. However in combat I would say it's necessary for tension and strategizing and challenge.

47d ago
Sieden47d ago

"We don't need decision based resource management" - some idiot in 2020

gamerben47d ago

Depends on the game. Dark souls combat revolves around the stamina bar. In elder scrolls yeah get rid of it, its just an annoyance

Chaos_Order47d ago

Over the years I've heard so many people claim gaming needs to "leave behind" certain things and so very, very often, the claims are utter tosh. This is another one of those times.

annoyedgamer47d ago

Gaming needs to leave behind gaming "journalists".

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The story is too old to be commented.