The Xbox Series X is the least console-feeling console I've had | Eurogamer

What Microsoft's new machine is like to live with.

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LordoftheCritics9d ago

You may have misunderstood. I believe it was a huge compliment.

shabz6667d ago (Edited 7d ago )

And the fact that quick resume game switching works even after unplugging the console is actually amazing

Making the dusty backlog shinier and making games on it more accessible with game pass is also a plus.

The exclusivity drought will be fixed with time now that they have some studios finally.

I’m honestly liking their vision with series x

alb18997d ago

He just have read the title, that's it.

S2Killinit7d ago

Not for console gamers. Perhaps.

crazyCoconuts7d ago

This is a fluff piece of I ever saw one. It's a faster X1X with multi game resume. That's fine, but don't bill it out to be some kind of departure from the past. It's the same as it was, because they didn't change much. If there's something that's not console like, it's the glitches that the author mentioned, and that's not a compliment

ZeroBlue27d ago

Well, it is Eurogamer, so of course.

Bathyj7d ago

I believe I want a console.

SullysCigar7d ago

^ I made this... ;^D

No, I really want my console to feel like a PC. I also want to buy an apple that tastes like garlic, because PCs and garlic don't exist in their own right, do they?

To be fair to Eurogamer, if someone gave me an apple for free, I couldn't really complain that it tasted like garlic, so I'd just say something nice to reward their

Obscure_Observer7d ago (Edited 7d ago )


It´s :

Cold as Ice
Silent as a tomb.


S2Killinit7d ago

You would think console gamers would want a console experience. Welcome to 2020 I guess.

Bruh6d ago

Did you actually expect anyone on N4G to read above the title before commenting? lmao

DJStotty5d ago

Sully must not have read the article, and thought they would attempt to downplay yet another xbox article.

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NeoGamer2327d ago

From the actual article instead of just reading the headline....

"If you've got all that though, and you don't mind just a smidge more thought than usual for a plug-and-play thing like a console, what a joy it is to use. And how genuinely forward thinking its vision is too: a step away from forcing you forwards - from the idea that you must need a new console to play its exclusive games, to the idea you might want one, to make your old games better, to make your vast and dusty pile of shame new again, to actually be on display in your home. This is a console that, like the PS5, is coming roughly six to eighteen months earlier than its truly tentpole games, but a few days with the Series X tells me it doesn't really need them. It's the console itself I actually want."

Dragonscale7d ago

So it doesn't need any new gen games? All it needs is gamepass lol. Sounds like damage control tbh.

Bathyj7d ago

Who cares. It's the same message we've been hearing for months. We hope you'll stick with your old games, slightly better for a couple years because well, that's all we have right now. The games media is trying too hard. They're all starting to sound the same.

7d ago
NeoGamer2327d ago

MS is not the only one moving in that direction. Spider-man, LBP, and Horizon have all been announced as PS4 games as well. If I choose not to get a PS5 this holiday the only real games I am missing out on is the Demon's Soul remake (and I can still play that on my PS3 if I desire) and Destruction All-Stars with its "in-game purchases" aka microtransactions. It is just MS is telling you, that the value in moving isn't nextgen games yet. Whereas Sony is saying next gen games is the reason to move but the games aren't really next gen yet.

The game I am most interested in the rest of this year is Cyberpunk 2077. It doesn't even have a true next gen version yet.

NEXUS-67d ago

NeoGamer232 - was that actual in the article?

What a bunch of absolute drivel haha, could they ride ms any harder?

No tent pole games? Sorry to say eurotrash - Demons Souls is already looking like a bonafide classic - remake or not.

And going off the headline - ms has made a steambox, not a console. Remember those?

This is going to be a disaster for ms.

Vegamyster7d ago


One of the biggest benefits of PC Gaming is its expansive library of games and being able to go back to those games with the settings cranked on newer hardware after upgrading. It's nothing new, the entire reason we got mid generation upgrades was for more stable performance and visuals, nothing wrong with starting a generation regardless of the platform with significantly better performing last gen games at lower prices.

TheScotsman6d ago

Defo damage controll no matter what they try and butter it up.

How much money is microsoft throwing around to get these opinion pieces. I mean they spent 7.5 billion on a company loosing money. So I guess they got plenty to waste on paid for articles

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SyntheticForm7d ago


They're stating that it feels more like a PC in the areas that gamers would want a console to feel like a PC.

RazzerRedux7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I agree. It is meant to be a compliment, but I really don't get it. Where does he flesh out the XSX as a PC?

And then there is this"

"This is a console that, like the PS5, is coming roughly six to eighteen months earlier than its truly tentpole games, but a few days with the Series X tells me it doesn't really need them. It's the console itself I actually want."

He wants the console for its own sake? How does that make sense? And I'm not criticizing his positive review of the console, but how he is expressing it.

"And as much as the whole Necron Obelisk vibe can evoke a slight sense of impending doom when looked at for too long, I'm a fan of the sheer brutalism."

I gotta give him props for the Warhammer 40k reference though. lol.

SyntheticForm7d ago


I gotta be honest; I didn't really read it, but I'm quite sure that "least console-feeling console" is a good thing.

It implies, to me (someone who admittedly didn't read the article) that although consoles are still fixed hardware, they're powerful enough to where we're starting to see these options e.g. resolution/frame rate, fov, etc. They may also be talking about the aesthetic being more PC-like. Without reading the article, I would draw positive vibes from that header, and assume, that since PCs are the only real cousins of consoles, that they were talking about PC.

Yeah, I should have read the article... lol. I'll get on that.

DiRtY7d ago


"this is because the Series X is the least console-feeling console I've had, in that everything about it is actively trying to avoid your attention, instead of draw it. It's whisper quiet - mid game, with TV on mute, I genuinely couldn't hear it. It didn't once get hot, or even beyond slightly warm"

That is his point. Sounds fine to me!

Mulando7d ago

You already have downvotes for quoting from the article ... n4g always makes me chuckle. ;)

But well, the title of the article is misleading. Just sounds like bad news for MS and all the fanboys click on it. ;)

MoonConquistador7d ago

What exactly is that point?

If you're fine with a console aiming solely for its heat and noise outputs yeah he's making a point

But ii do question which it sn't games that take advantage of the new hardware that should be the main point of a games console.

crazyCoconuts7d ago

None of this bull crap makes any sense. PCs are whisper quiet? No, most are not. PCs try to avoid your attention? Not a PC with Windows on it. You spend way more time wrestling with settings and updates with a PC. The point of consoles is that they DON'T resemble PCs

DarXyde7d ago

Did you read the article?

It was largely positive, controller texture withstanding.

gamer78047d ago

i actually read the article , and you know what, its a long article but says very little. feels like a waste, i didn't get much out of it honestly.

6d ago
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Destiny10808d ago (Edited 8d ago )

if your the type of person who runs win 10 at 1080p on a 4k tv you will feel right at home with xbox

Tacoboto7d ago

... How long do you stare at any dashboard to be so pettily bothered by its resolution?

SyntheticForm7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Though I'm all for high res UIs, they're not at all necessary. This is not a deal breaker for anyone, and if it is, then their lives must be tough.

If you can't even *tolerate* a UI at 1080p in 2020, I can only imagine how broad that sort of pickiness is in your life. Let's be real - this is a fanboy 'problem' for the most part.

MetalProxy7d ago

If it was the other way around and the ps5 was like that you fools would be dancing 🕺🏻 in the streets celebrating

rlow17d ago

One big benefit of the 1080 UI is it takes up far less RAM than running 4k native. I'd rather the power be spent on the games rather than the UI.

7d ago
S2Killinit7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I actually spend a significant amount of time with the dashboard. It depends on the experience you get while you are there.

No one is saying its a “deal breaker” so whoever is arguing against that, is sort of validating that it is in fact a big deal. I just think a new generation should have a new experience.

VariantAEC6d ago

Yes, cause most PC guys are running windows itself at 1080p or less... Right?
Oh no they're not. It's also a problem when phones don't leverage full resolution. Why is XSX getting a pass here when even SMARTPHONES and Switch don't? If this were the other way around MS fans would be laughing at PS5 fans and potential purchasers for 1080p60 no-HDR UI.
Let's be real here!

VariantAEC6d ago

Did you forget that these consoles have ultrafast IO with PS5's being even faster than XS? That RAM can be unloaded faster and 4x res boost isn't going to hog 4x the RAM either. How much RAM is available to the game... I can't remember if this was discussed on the PS5 side during "The Road To PS5" brief, but I'm fairly sure these details haven't been disclosed for XS either.
So like... Dude... What is your point?

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TheRealTedCruz7d ago

I'm a straight up videophile. I nitpick like hell on resolution, colors, black levels.

This whining about a UI at 1080p is hilarious even to me.

7d ago
NEXUS-67d ago

Seems like you think you are a videophile, maybe you just have loe standards. I personally hate the changing of resolutions when going from the UI to a lower res game.

What's hilarious to me is how it is ok on the world's most powerful console. Still no proof of that though, the UI thing is just ms being lazy.

Ulf7d ago


It's upscaled. There's no resolution change...

alb18997d ago ShowReplies(9)
morganfell7d ago

4K? One of these companies stamped 8k on their chip. The boss of that division even used a picture of it for his twitter account. What kind of misleading advert was that bit.

7d ago
morganfell7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

You lack comprehension. The degree to which an act is despicable begins with the attempt to deceive. The success of a dishonest behavior has little to do with it being a disreputable act. Advancement only makes an already unscrupulous act worse. Most people understand this simple fact.

7d ago
6d ago
6d ago
Rhythmattic6d ago

I suggest that if your going to respond , make it a worthwhile retort, instead of replying in Verbatim (almost) with a paste function, to add words to describe , without any thought of what Morgan originally posted..... Without a conversation as such, you firstly did lack that the point he made was not aimed at the MS army, But what can been seen as deceptive marketing.,.... Yep, All companies can do it... But to not add any iota of information to his post, possibly setting the record straight, you've now made a conversation into a debate.....
A debate is not a choice... You must win for the For or Against.
And that there lies the Problem.
No matter, Personally in the years here, Ive always found Morganfell balanced and fair in his posts.... And also can do very eloquent writing.
You see, as for Me, I can't argue against what Sony hasnt done right.. But when the FB's from either side just spew FB 101 nonsense.... Well , Here we are.

Maybe... you just dont understand?

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6996h2257d ago (Edited 7d ago )

As opposed to being bottlenecked by a full 4K UI? If the games and movies run at 4K that's what matters. The current Xbox UI runs well on Xbox One as well as Xbox Series, that's a good thing in my book.

DuckOnQuack357d ago ShowReplies(2)
DeadManMMX6d ago

That UI will be be updated before launch they have already said this. The only reason you even know about the UI on the preview console is because they had the confidence in the system to send it out to all those influencers. First it was the Temp and now it is this.

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fonger088d ago

For those that will read the title and not the article, here’s the authors conclusion: “This is a console that, like the PS5, is coming roughly six to eighteen months earlier than its truly tentpole games, but a few days with the Series X tells me it doesn't really need them. It's the console itself I actually want.”

Pricey7d ago

Demon's souls is a launch title and you'll be waiting longer than six months for anything of that quality on Series X more like 18-24 months. But it doesn't matter anyway...

7d ago
Pricey7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Did I say they weren't? All I said is you'll be waiting allot more than six months to play anything of comparible quality on Series X/S. This isn't just a nip and tuck we are talking about, it's been completely remade.

S2Killinit7d ago

Some people are aching for another generation of xbox mediocrity. They didnt learn their lesson well enough I think.

Not saying it will be trash. But it will just be more of the same thing. But on the bright side, more is good.

343_Guilty_Spark7d ago

Demon souls is coming to PS4 just like Miles Morales and HZD:FW.

alb18997d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Even if I have the possibility to play demon's souls of PS5 I won't because I'lll be too busy playing cyberpunk.

Pricey7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

@343_Guilty_Spark. Oh really, when did Sony confirm that.

Well that's your excuse but what about the 100s of millions of other gamers? You can't expect me to believe they all share your opinion, and neither should you. A cursory glance at the reaction to the games announcement online would suggest many many people are excited to play it on their PS5 at launch. That's a far more compelling argument than "Well I'll be playing cyberpunk instead so why would anyone else want to play it" And if that's not your point it looks to me that you have none whatsoever.

6d ago
DuckOnQuack356d ago

Ahhhh so ps fanboys do buy new consoles to play old games. I thought this was the non cool thing for gamers.

Pricey6d ago

You mean you will be waiting 18-24 months.
Yes I had noticed they last longer than that. The question becomes what do you base your decision on, future promises or past performance. I wouldn't hold my breath where Xbox is concerned. Forza is the only consistently high achieving (in all aspects) exclusive IP they have. Other then that your relying on Phil Spencer to do what he said gaming wasn't about and make those Bethesda games Xbox platform exclusive.

chiefJohn1176d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Lmao goalpost has moved for the millionth time. Old games are now Okay!!! Dont worry tho they wont matter again tho in the future
LOL you can't take PS fanboys on N4G seriously. They contradict them self on a daily basis

Pricey6d ago

I don't pretend to speak for other people. Also calling me a fanboy isn't really an argument, its an excuse for not having one yourself.

NeoGamer2326d ago

I don't have to wait for Demon's Souls. I can already play it on my PS3 so there is nothing that I can play on a PS5 that I can't already play on my earlier PS3 or PS4 devices except Destruction All-Stars. LOL. If that's your reason for buying a PS5 you are really picking at straws!

Pricey6d ago

You could but the experience would be significantly different.
"...there is nothing that I can play on a PS5 that I can't already play on my earlier PS3 or PS4 devices...""
You can't play Ratchet & Clank : Rift apart so theres that. I can almost guess what your response to that will be.

My reason for buying it is the exclusive games, its the same reason i buy Nintendo consoles. I have no problem playing Xbox exclusives, in fact i'm sure i'm going to enjoy them on my new PC. (Minus gamepass, i'm not a fan of that)

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ssj277d ago

Pathetic analogy... ps5 has nextgen games very few but it does and also current gen remastered to nextgen lik spiderman sure not true nxtgen but better than nothing. Amazing how Microsoft keep pushing the narrative that games doesn't matter just because they got no games

rockwhynot7d ago

One month after release they have the next gen game The Medium.

6d ago Replies(2)
Einhander19717d ago

Even more reason for me not to get one. I'm a diehard console gamer/collector. I love the console experience. Microsoft is trying to erode that away with its PC tunnel vision mind set.

S2Killinit7d ago

This ^ Ive been saying this.

Rhythmattic4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I have also. Its no longer a console by definition to me . Its a only a affordable delivery mechanism for subs.

NEXUS-67d ago

Yep - it has been their goal since entering the console market.

It won't happen, the console community is VERY happy with the status quo.

If someone wants a PC like experience, just going to state the obvious - buy a PC.

Rdeal6d ago

So i can get a pc like experience for $500 or pay over a $1000 for the real thing what do you think i will choose, i can get the best of both worlds for $500 i am happy

NEXUS-66d ago

I want a console experience - that's why I'm buying a console.

PC experience - hackers, early access games, unoptimised games - no thanks.

Why not just save up for a PC? Not like you're going to miss out on any games by waiting.

rockwhynot7d ago

Microsoft is trying to erode away console gaming? What about the series S? It's an astounding all-in-one console at an affordable price.

jwillj2k47d ago

With its 900p? I’d stick with a one x if I were an Xbox gamer nit wanting a series x.