Ghost game Phasmophobia is spreading scares all over Steam and Twitch

The co-op ghost hunting game is the latest indie game getting big in 2020

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generic-user-name8d ago

Why can't the big studios come up with interesting, novel ideas like this? This is a tiny studio (one man maybe?) and he has found a way to do the impossible, make a 4 player co-op online horror game that is actually scary and he even managed to put it in VR for that extra extreme terror. Yet it is just a tiny studio so they have limits, there's jank, the character models look like they're from 2002 and other stuff. I hope this dev will be smart and can be quick, get this game ported to as many platforms as they can and make as much money as they can before someone does to them what Fortnite did to PlayerUnknown.

Magatsuhi8d ago

Cuz then the guys up top start telling them how to make the game and add mtx. Tbh I don't think this idea would have been approved at all by corporate head. They think it wouldn't sell.

plmkoh8d ago

Games like this proves that people want cooperative experiences that don't resort to fighting or shooting. They want interactivity and genuine role play within the team. Too many devs think coop just means using players to increase DPS against increased enemy count/threat or add healing to the game, they're just too basic.

P_Bomb7d ago

This is true. I’ve monitored my kids playing online games such as Roblox and DCUO and there’s a LOT of role playing going on. Lobbies just making up their own scenarios and doing everything from playing house and dress up to full blown storylines. The way I used to play Transformers and GIJoe. Online doesn’t have to be competitive. In times of COVID it’s also about connection. Sounds like this game has that pulse.