ESRB Rating Confirms In-Game Purchases in PS5's Destruction AllStars

Gameplay is also described as "an action driving game in which players compete to become the Destruction Allstars champion. Players choose a character and compete in various game modes (e.g., Mayhem, Crash Course, Skirmish), accumulating points by destroying competitors' vehicles. Players often crash into others, resulting in slow-motion effects and realistic vehicular damage (e.g., sparks, explosions, dents). Collisions sometimes cause characters to get flung out of their vehicles; on-foot drivers can be run over, resulting in a "KO." During the frenetic action, characters can also trigger environmental hazards (e.g., spinning blades) which can cleave vehicles in half."

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Christopher102d ago

Kind of a given considering it looks like something akin to Overwatch and similar F2P arena combat games. That $70 price tag, though.

Relientk77102d ago

As if this game needed another reason for me not to buy it. Definitely the weakest title in Sony's launch lineup, in my opinion. $70 and now microtransactions. This looks like a $40 game at best. Pass

robtion101d ago

Yep. Looks like it's aimed at the Fortnite crowd. I hope this is not the future of gaming.

BrainSyphoned101d ago

Not giving this game very long before it is on PS+

RgR101d ago

$70 don't make MTX go away. Therefore...the price increase is not justified.

The increase of mtx was justified with alleged increase in cost of making a game. So now the limitless pool of money from mtx isn't enough either. No excuse for $70 games.

Don't purchase $70 games in the US and anywhere else where there has been an increase.

NeoGamer232100d ago

For the PS3 I was buying most of my games at $50 if I pre-ordered and game publishers had record profits. Then, along came PS4, and I saw that they got rid of the $10 discount if you pre-order so games were $60 and publishers have record profits. Now we are going to $70 and the game publishers are recording record profits yet again.

I will stick to waiting for reasonable prices on games. 90% of games don't ship with their complete DLC and waiting for the "complete" editions is the smart thing to do financially anyhow for SP games. I just avoid mtx heavy multi-player games.

I buy games for a cost and I expect that cost to come with a complete experience. If I have to pay to progress or grind endlessly to get stuff in game, I just throw the game away. I am ok with DLC for additional campaigns and additional multi-player maps/modes. They told me before I bought the game what I was getting. But, I refuse to be a hamster in a wheel constantly paying any publisher like a drug addict.

RgR100d ago

For me any dev that chooses to raise the price is proof for me that I shouldn't support them.

That goes for any developer...including the amazing devs from Sony.

Inverno101d ago

I thought we all came to an agreement when Titanfall came out? No more full priced multiplayer games. 70$ and microtransactions? As if we don't already know that there's no guarantee that this game won't die out within the first couple of months too, like so many multiplayer games these days.

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