Microsoft's The Initiative Hires Two Former Naughty Dog Staff

Microsoft has hired two former Naughty Dog staff for its The Initiative AAA studio.

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Hired from one of the best. With this much talent I'm really expecting big things from the Initiative.

isarai44d ago

Staff changes hands/studios constantly, there are hundreds of ex Naughty Dog devs everywhere, same as any other studio. It doesn't mean much unless they have a good lead with a good team. I mean look at Big Red Button, that studio is full of ex ND staff including their veteran art and animation director, yet look at Sonic Boom 😐😐😐

Just saying it'd be best to keep expectations in check


I don’t think seeing 2 minutes of gameplay footage is too much to ask at this point.

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FanboySpotter44d ago

All the talent in The Initiative is crazy. Initiative and the fable team. Was gonna say the new forza but so far we only know rockstar devs are working on it while fable team and initiative seem to be the head hunters

Baza44d ago

The Initiative hasn’t proved jack squat

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