Are Free-To-Play AAA Games The Future Of Gaming?

With the recent success of free-to-play titles such as Genshin Impact, we look at how these games could influence the future of gaming.

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Beastgamerkuma47d ago

Is it considered triple A really? Honestly Genshin Impact is fun indeed and so far I have not put any funds into it yet, but we shall see how this goes. It is questionable.

blackblades46d ago

Man you see those you tuber putting $1000s into the games. They must get paid well for being a you tuber of they can spend that much on these f2p games. At least they can keep the games alive for the f2p players.

CorndogBurglar46d ago

If the game has a big enough budget and costs enough to make, then yes its a AAA game. It doesn't matter if its a free-to-play game or not.

ApocalypseShadow47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Are F2P, AAA, grinding, P2W, GaaS games the future of gaming?


And I don't need to be groomed or influenced to believe so.Complete games, high quality with super low patching required, single player games, are where I'm at until I'm done with gaming. Multiplayer is fine and can be enjoyable. But all this nonsense grew out of greed of the publishers and online gaming.

I guess I'm an **ancient devotee** like the article says I am while pushing Xcloud and game pass.

**who are completely out of touch with the gaming trends,** (Gaas)

I'm proud to be ancient. Keeps my wallet full.

jznrpg46d ago

GamePass will support those types of games more and more to make up for revenue lost from physics sales .

ApocalypseShadow46d ago

As long as you keep paying that monthly fee waiting for that next AAA single player game.

I'd rather not. Just rather buy a game. Own it. Done.

Stanjara46d ago

Genshin impact is a quality gaas. Music, art, characters, waifus.
But...if the tales are true that after adventure lv 30 you hit a wall, than that is not the future of gaming.

HusbandAndWifeGaming46d ago

It's less that you hit a wall and more that they run out of story content. If you wait for the next story expansion to drop I'm sure there will be more to do after level 30.

njitram200046d ago

It also gets very slow. I'm lvl 24 and very slowly making my way to 25 to then be able to level my characters to 60. But the resources are very scarce now. If they release a new area, I will happily come back because the china-based region is gorgeous in terms of style and music.

Stanjara46d ago

O...oooo Ok, Im at lv 10 so... I find the game great.

tombfan46d ago

I've played since day 1 and i'm currently at adventure lvl 31, have not yet started the quests on the 2nd map and still has PLEEEENTY of stuff to discover and farm.

Simple answer: Depends on your playstile, if you are hungry to get everything and play the thing more than 8 hours in 1 sit, then you're probably going to start suffering at adventure lvl 30, indeed.

ccgr46d ago

I'd rather not be DLC'd to death

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The story is too old to be commented.