Survey: 35% of gamers have a subscription service

9% of current subscribers already pay for multiple gaming services while 71% would consider multiple subs, according to global Simon-Kucher poll of 13,000+ consumers

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Jin_Sakai47d ago

13k customers of 150 million console users say the have a subscription service? These kind of polls never mean squat.

ApocalypseShadow47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Yeah. I never think certain polls are entirely accurate. What I don't like is this grooming from this poll.

"Oh yeah. Gamers are totally into stacking subscriptions on top of subscriptions on top of subscriptions." There are many willing to pay." "They love it."

Maybe they asked the WRONG gamers. That were influenced enough and groomed enough, that they don't care about all these subscriptions and what it will do to the industry. It's not all growth. It's fracturing of the content. "But but but... it's just options." "Just subscribe to the services you like and ignore the ones you don't."

Some gamers just don't understand the point. I grew up buying complete games. Games that needed to work day one without a patch. Where the developer makes a complete game and it works day one. I buy the complete game. Simple. Now, because of generation 7, where games didn't fit on a DVD disc and one console launched earlier than the other, horse armor and the rest of the game was sold to gamers and played off like it's extra content. "But but but... you have a choice to not buy all the micro transactions and DLC." You mean, the REST of the game.

Subscriptions from EA and Capcom, Ubisoft and Activision, Square and Namco, Sega, etc, would split the content all over the place if titles become exclusive to that service. When it would all have been in one place to enjoy on one to three consoles. Like, the example of one Blu-ray disc.

Sure. There's a benefit that there's no console middleman. But the effect on the industry is dire in the cloud, digital future.

Also, the way I gauge these numbers is like Sony and the PlayStation platform. Sony readily says that about 42+ million have Plus. But, 70+million don't. Not accurate but I can live with the results: there are a ton of high quality, SINGLE PLAYER games for those like me who don't play online. Like Horizon, Spider-Man, etc. Sony has proven to take care of single player gamers more because there are more of us than online gamers. I love that.

Hakuoro47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I'm not trying to promote subscriptions, but more than 35% of people on my friends list have PS+. That said if you count all gamers like PC and mobile ect. I highly doubt 35% of all gamers have a paid gaming subscription of some kind.

Boomslang46d ago

Maybe not mobile, but on PC I have Game Pass and Humble, and most of the people I know on PC have Game Pass.

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Pekolio46d ago

Their percentage is actually pretty accurate. Sony has about 38/39 million subscribers as of febuary this year which is 37% of their userbase. So theres more validity to this poll than you're suggesting.

Christopher46d ago

Jin, I hate to break it to you, but this is how surveys in general work. Every time you hear about a poll or survey in politics, it's of a specific number of people who are selected from various and specific groups by age, gender, race, location, etc. Only official census numbers are capturing the entirety of a population, which even then still misses a good number of people.

When Pachter or another analyst makes a prediction, it's based on similar, non-all-encompassing data sets. There's a lot of nuance behind what they do and it's looking more at the type of numbers and the movement of the current market trends. But, it's not taking 150m people and forcing them to answer a specific question.

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