Xbox Store Hall of Fame Sale Now Live, Hall of Fame Competition Announced

The Xbox Store Hall of Fame sale has been launched today, along with the Xbox Hall of Fame contest for gamers! Win an Xbox Series X and more.

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sourOG369d ago

That’s an awful set of games for an entire generation lmao. I’m hyped to see what their new first party produces. Hopefully the next gen “hall of fame sale” won’t be so lackluster.

purple101369d ago

Disclaimer ..I'm a Sony fan. Although my brother has Xbox and we share and play together sometimes. Used to play halo avidly..but more recently ..cod. GT sport. And other Sony games such as God of war. spiderman. And uncharted 4/lost legacy.

Mainly play modernwarefare standard multiplayer.(not warzone) GTsport . And a couple free games you get each month.

Pheww. That's that then..

My comment of this list is..

Gears of war 5 is a masterpiece. -if shootings your thing..but the rest are average. -and that's at very best. I'm being kind.. there very very average. Some fun to be found..but nothing groundbreaking. Or dazzling.

Compared to the fighting mechanics in Spiderman and God of war.. they are beat hands down. And there's no point in arguing it..untill you've played all said games mentioned.

Finally il give props to Forza. It's very very good.

But again .. go choose any Nuremberg ring on Forza then on GT sport.

On GT you feel every bump in the road. Your belly might "go light" when you raise over a bump. The smoothness is immense. The fighting and competitiveness is great.

Now play Forza. Car handles like a PS2 game. Triggers buZz away like a can of wasps.. it's not even close.

To finish digital foundry did a comparison when they both came out. Concluded there both very good. Very close grafics wise. GT edges it just, on car detail . Forza has more detail on the tracks. The tracks also have better lighting on Forza, by some way. Even though GTs lighting is totally beautiful.

But the physics handling models etc. And close racing go to GT. So it's a toss up..

Can't wait til next gen..

Wish Microsoft and Xbox well. But just the ps5 controller wins it for me.

Best controller ever made in the $60-$70 range. Or what ever you can get it for on sale..

Have a great day. Game on