Report: Demon's Souls Digital Soundtrack Coming to PS4

Amidst the rumors of Demon's Souls (remake) coming to the PS4, a recently uploaded PSN file for the soundtrack has appeared for the PS4.

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lifeisgamesok345d ago

Sounds like this might confirm it then. Sony what are you doing? I have very few complaints but the messaging lately is a big one and the slow ramp up of marketing is another

potatoseal345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

This doesn't confirm it at all. If you get the soundtrack on the PS5, then you can cross-play that on the PS4 and the PS4 will recognize it. Who knows, but Stop jumping to conclusions.

Sony said Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West were coming to PS4. If Demon's Souls was too, then they would have said it at the same time. If they were hiding things, they would have held off on Horizon Forbidden West because that doesn't even have a release date yet. It makes no sense. Occam's Razor suggests it's just a PS5 exclusive like they said it was. The most likely scenario.

lifeisgamesok345d ago

I hope you're right but I dont see the soundtrack releasing on PS4 if the game isn't coming too. It doesn't make sense though to not announce it with the others so we'll see

4Sh0w345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Or it could be the Hungary site listing is an error born out of this digital audio soundtrack releasing for ps4....but yeah that doesn't make much sense imo but still possible.

345d ago
potatoseal345d ago

@ Can.Of.Poo

That is ridiculous and stupid. The PS5 would have sold out regardless. The demand is through the roof.

No reason at all? Not the Frame rate boost, not the brand new tech, not the higher resolution, not the load times, nothing. Just a waste of money huh? Certainly not Destruction Allstars and Godfall. Certainly not. They were just lucky to sell out in minutes. Christmas sales? You're having a joke aren't you? You must be

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RememberThe357345d ago

When this gets announced for PS4 you're back peddling is gonna be NFL level. Remember the key is fluid hips and eye discipline, I'm rooting for ya 👍

potatoseal345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

@ Remember

No. If this was to be announced. I will say that I'm pissed about it. I will say that Sony actually lied to us about this. I will say that I don't like it and I wanted the game to built from the ground up for PS5 and take full advantage. I will say that regardless of all this, I will still get my PS5 on launch day and play the absolute hell out of this amazing looking game. This game is the best looking game around at the moment. The game looks phenominal and I've never seen anything like it. The quality of the graphics and the assets and everything looks out of this world. The only comparable one was that Chinese made Monkey-looking game that we saw some gameplay videos from a few months back. I think it's called Black Myth: Wu Kong

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excaliburps345d ago

Yep, given they uploaded it on PSN, this looks like a confirmation we'll see it on PS4.

porkChop345d ago

I've gotta say, this isn't a good look for Sony. I don't have an issue with launch window games being cross-gen. They're usually built using last gen engines and such anyway.

But while MS was getting shit all year for cross-gen games, Sony led their fanbase to believe they weren't also doing it. "We believe in generations", and "Only possible because of the SSD".

Then at essentially the last minute a bunch of their games are also on PS4. They should have just been honest from the start.

RaidenBlack345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

" held back " \s
was a recurring phrase a month or two ago.
Anyways, PS always has a steady stream of first party content. This is a major plus point.
True next-gen experience will take its time.
It is what it is. No manner of fanboyism brute force will change that.

RazzerRedux345d ago

One of the few times we agree. And it might as well be true at this point. If it isn't then what the hell is Sony doing just letting the rumor live on? How hard is it to jump on the playstation blog and say "uh...yeah, it is bullshit"?

And I'm not even against cross gen at all. I'm just against stupidity .

LucasRuinedChildhood345d ago

Think I'm going to cancel my preorder and wait until at least the Summer or until God Of War 2 comes out. The games are so overpriced in Europe as well. At least by then, I'll have Horizon 2, Ratchet & Clank, Demon's Souls and Miles Morales to play at a reasonable price.

I'm not sure though. If all my games will run better on PS5, it might be worth making the jump based on that alone. Just Cause 3 will finally run beautifully. haha

FlyGuyHung345d ago

This still doesn't confirm its coming to ps4 but this rumor is heating up. If this turns out to be true then I'm for sure going to cancel my ps5 preorder. Wouldn't make sense to upgrade now if i can just play this on my pro and wait for a ps5 with a bigger SSD.

nirwanda345d ago

Three reasons not to cancel,
1 you can sell it and make a profit.
2 it will play the best version of demon's souls.
3 current gen PS4 games will play better.
I'm getting a series X instead of a PS4 because of gamepass and not owning an Xbox last gen there will be loads of things to play for next to nothing but I'm keeping my ps4 for stuff.
But if I was getting a ps5 from a PS4 there would be noway I would cancel just sell the PS4 instead and your all good for the next 5 years at least.

RememberThe357345d ago

I'm thinking for waiting for a new SSD as well. ~600gigs is a joke.

ssj27345d ago

I will probably sale mine at 1000 if anyone pays

VerminSC345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

If this is true, I’m pretty disappointed in Sony. We want next gen games! I couldn’t even secure a preorder and I’m upset by this

Abnor_Mal345d ago

Glad I made the decision months ago to wait a year before getting a PS5. I got slammed by the disagrees back then, glad to see others now realizing that day one purchases aren't always the best trying to be first.

After a year those launch games will be cheaper and there will be more to play than what's currently on offer for the PS5. The plus collection may even be bigger by then with more games added. It would be nice if in November 2021 the launch games also go into the collection and I won't have to actually buy every launch game, Bugsnax im looking at you.

Sitdown345d ago

This logic only really makes sense if there is a price drop, or waiting on a special edition. If I can afford one, while but enjoy the perks it can offer now, while waiting for the games to catch up. Do we even know what's next for the plus collection? What if this just a perk for launch, and then goes away for something else? What if there is a cap on free upgrades?

Abnor_Mal345d ago

It makes sense to me to wait because when I purchased my Pro day one, I had lots of issues with losing the picture. I would have to unplug and plug back in the hdmi every few minutes or when switching games or turning on the system. Seems it was something with the 4K and the two electronics, the TV and pro, not talking to each other. I finally bought a 4K hdmi and stilk the problem persisted.
After a year or so I bought another Pro, a later model and while the problem didn't go away it did happen far far less than before. Also I'm sure my LG was also partly to blame.

I'd rather wait for every kink to be hammered out, than to be a test dummy again and have to deal with customer service who were of very little help.

As far as the plus collection, I agree we don't know if this is for just the launch or not, but I would think that you would still be able to put the game available into your library even if you don't own the system yet, same as how it is possible on PS4. Then when you purchase the system the games are there waiting for you to install and play.

To close, yes I can afford a system day one with everything on offer from games to accessories, but that doesn't mean I'm going to jump out the window without looking. Not again.

Sitdown345d ago

Yeah, a concern around a bad batch is another reason to hold off. For me, I figure I plan on getting one someday, so might as well be at launch. With the extended holiday return policy, I'll have until mid to late January to decide if they are keepers or not. I don't really splurge much on the regular, so being in on a new console is a rare occurrence.

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JEECE345d ago

Ah, looking like another case of Sony hiding the fact that a PS5 game is also coming to PS4, (revealing that they know how terrible that looks from a marketing perspective), which will inevitably be followed by a tone deaf announcement of the PS4 version as if it's a positive thing.

Chriswheeler22345d ago

Sad because if they were upfront about it months ago it wouldn't be an issue.

JEECE345d ago

I still would have been annoyed, but at least then they could more honestly pretend that they thought people would take it as good news. If they didn't know it was such bad news, they wouldn't hide it so long.

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