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VGChartz's Evan Norris: "Disproportionate might be the perfect word to describe Super Mario 3D All-Stars. It's packed with three important, remarkable 3D platformers, but lacking some of the special features and upgrades fans have come to expect from modern collections. Still, as a convenient way to experience three retouched Super Mario games — two of them masterpieces — 3D All-Stars is absolutely worth your hard-earned coins."

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Beastgamerkuma51d ago

Its trippy that you say Mario Sunshine is the weakest link because of the gamecube controller option. That is a mood killer. Having no extra content like creator videos or interviews is downer as well. As whole with the tech we have now I felt the All-Stars Collection felt underwhelmed. Could have added more than those 3 titles, but it is what it is. Great write up!