Cage: Many Devs Will Prefer [email protected] Rather Than Limited [email protected];We'll Have a New Engine

Talking to Wccftech, Quantic Dream's David Cage confirmed that the studio's next titles will be built on a new engine featuring ray tracing.

He believes that ray tracing will be so important going forward that many developers will prefer using it at 1080p rather than sticking with limited lighting at 4K resolution.

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Community342d ago
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Imp0ssibl3342d ago

I don't want to choose. Luckily I've got a high end PC!

RaidenBlack342d ago

This is mainly aimed at the console segment.

341d ago
KyRo342d ago

RayTracing is a massive waste if resources. It does look great but its being used as buzz word right now and something most gamers (which is not us hardcore gamers) wouldn't even notice over conventional lighting techniques we already have in games using have of the resources which could be greatly invested into AI, physics and other areas of game design.

Jin_Sakai342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

“RayTracing is a massive waste if resources.“

As is 4K resolution.

PC have DLSS 2.0 thanks to Nvidia. Wish consoles had the equivalent.

phoenixwing342d ago

this is kind of why i was tempted more to cross over to pc. I can choose what i decide to scale back for my rtx 2070 and later on pick up a higher end graphics card if i want to.

Kaedro342d ago

I agree. Even Unreal Engine 5 is using an alternative to Ray Tracing. The visual enhancement is minimal and not worth the monstrous cost in performance. Just give me 4k at 60fps.

Mr Logic342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Wrong wrong wrong so wrong.

1. AI and physics are CPU while RT is GPU so stop talking out of your ass.
2. Not all ray tracing is equivalent. Pathtracing or even RT GI >>>> minor things like shadows, reflections, AO, etc.
3. Proper RT solutions will actually save time during game development, because they no longer have to put so much effort into making sure all the lighting they're "faking" looks good.

P.S. Because PS5 and Series X are so weak on RT we will likely never see Full pathtracing, and even GI is iffy.

bouzebbal341d ago

I don't give a crap about any of these.. All I care about is a fun, well optimized games to play... Like what we've been getting for 9 gens.

GamerTrustee2231341d ago

Ray Tracing is the future tbh

DJStotty341d ago

"RayTracing is a massive waste if resources."

I thought it was all the rage after the Epic engine reveal?

Now it is a waste of resources?

Don't know about you, but i would take RT, framerate and more immersive worlds over 4K resolution. Resolution does not equate to a game looking "stunning".

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Profchaos342d ago

Dues ex sequel should force your hand

NEXUS-6342d ago

Haha - you'll be at the mercy of devs, that's what DC is saying.

tombfan342d ago

Don't worry, there's always someone like you, that must need to comment that their better with a high end PC and that your "3080" is ready... CLASSIC!

Binarycode341d ago

I have a PC and PS4.

Thing is though, it doesn't matter how good your PC is.

You cannot play

Spiderman PS5
ratchet and clank PS5
Demon Souls PS5.

And all the other games coming to the system.

Yes PC has many games, but it does not have the AAA games like on Playstation.

Some of the new games don't even look next gen, Dirt5,assassins creed. Probably because of the series x mess.

DJStotty341d ago

I don't think AAA games available on PC has anything to do with Series X lol.

Most of the games on PC are exclusive to that platform anyway

Babadook7341d ago

Some day there will be a pc where you don’t need to choose. Trust me, you don’t own such a pc yet.

Hard8times337d ago

Console fanboys mad over a factual statement

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Games1st342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

How about balanced 1440p

Bathyj342d ago

1440p60fps with RT is the sweet spot.

Jin_Sakai342d ago

Agreed. Although I prefer anything as long as it’s not 30fps.

I_am_Batman342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I agree. Dropping all the way down to 1080p is far from ideal on a large 4k TV. While upscaling works out pretty well, there is only so much detail you can display in a 2 Megapixel frame. Personally I prioritize 60fps > visual effects > native resolutions higher than 1440p. Especially when upsampling can be used to increase the final pixelcount by recovering temporal information.

With that being said, if Spider-Man Miles Morales had a 1080/60p mode with raytracing and higher graphical fidelity, I might still prefer it over the 4k30p and dynamic 4k60p modes they have now.

DJStotty341d ago

The majority of gamers are still on 1080p TV's.

It is a struggle to get an affordable 4K TV capable of anything over 60hz in the UK.

Bathyj341d ago

DJ many people might still have 1080p TVs, but I'd be willing to bet 95% of TVs sold in the next 5 years and even in the last couple will be 4k. No one wants games rendered at 1080p in 2020.

Even with a 1080p tv screen, sharper assets supersampled down will look better than 1080p native assets so I don't know what you're getting at.

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tombfan342d ago

I'd like 1440p, it's waaaaay better looking than 1080p on a 4k TV

frostypants341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Because marketers like bigger numbers. No other real reason. 1440p is about right given where most gamers sit from their TV.

PixelOmen342d ago

I'd sacrifice both for 120fps. That said, I probably would sacrifice some framerate for better shadows. Even RT shadows seem to have artifacts at times, they're very much the weakest link in real-time rendering right now.

garos82342d ago

now that we finally got consoles to get many games running at 60 we gonna have you bozos moaning about 120fps.

PixelOmen342d ago

I'm not specifically referring to consoles, nor am I moaning. I simply listed a preference.

Bathyj342d ago

Just curious. Do you have a 120fps tv?

Personally I don't want 120 if it means the sort of cutbacks we got in Dirt 5. I still want my games to look good. I'm happy with 60fps.

boing1342d ago

I think that most 4K TVs released in last 3 years support [email protected]

PixelOmen342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Yes I have an LG C9, [email protected] with HDMI 2.1. I also have a 144hz monitor @1440p.

Bathyj341d ago

Nice. I think my OLED is a BY. Thinking about upgrading to CX.

Pricey342d ago

It's ok we know you're special. A proper gamer... the best. Have a cookie

Furesis342d ago

What's your problem? Man just said what HE prefers and you give him this snarky comment?
Come on man

I_am_Batman342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

120 fps is a limited usecase for me. Competative multiplayer games would benefit from that option, but I don't see a reason to cut the render time so short for story driven single player games.

PixelOmen342d ago

It's all about the temporal resolution for me. Anything less than about 80-90fps and things start to get blurry while panning the camera.

frostypants341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Hardly any TVs support native 120Hz. The majority fake that mode with interpolation. And they have no obligation to point this fact out, and rarely do.

PixelOmen341d ago

They've become a lot more common in the last couple of years. Regardless, I'm not specifically referring to consoles or TVs anyway.

Sirk7x341d ago

How many people even have 120fps capable displays?

PixelOmen341d ago

Most people with computer monitors or mid to high-end TVs released in the last 2 or 3 years.

DJStotty341d ago

120fps is not required in all games, racing, 1st person shooters maybe.

But some game genre's, 60fps is more than enough.

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Father__Merrin342d ago

Consoles are likely best with modern upscaling does anyone know if new consoles have a dlss equivalents it's about what gives the best picture and best graphics

Stanjara342d ago

Ps4 pro has checkerboard. It's the same thing.

MarkyMark89342d ago

Brooo LMFAO thanks for the laugh today Stanjara.. but PS4 Pro's check boarding is not even in the same realm as DLSS.. Comon brooo are you being serious? This has be a satire correct?

ProLogY341d ago

Not even remotely close to the same thing. Checkerboarding is a good up scaling technique, but DLSS is on an entirely different level. We still don't know if the new AMD chips have the capability to do a similar form of AI up scaling for consoles.

Stanjara341d ago

Hey wahlberg, making 4k image by rendering half, 1440p right, where other half is taken from a previous frame.
Sounds like dlls to me.
The difference in dlss that those missing pixels are made by AI.
But it's the same idea.

Dlls image isn't is rendered at lower rez, than upscaled to 4k.

Result is that dlls has less shimmering at 800 zoom.

Another level amazement.
Another realm dude.

lazyboyblue342d ago

Is everything upscaled to 4k on series X? If your output is set to 4k on the system but a game runs 1440p for example?
I think they said the S has that.

Teflon02341d ago

This current gen should answer that question. But yes, consoles have built in upscalers. The TV doesn't need to do anything as long as your console is on your TVs max res