Rockstar Buys Crackdown 2 Developer Ruffian Games, Rebrands To Rockstar Dundee

Ruffian Games is now Rockstar Dundee.

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BigBosss43d ago

Definitely looking forward to what they will make especially for the next gen consoles.

RaidenBlack43d ago

More R* Online content.
That's why they bought them.

43d ago
UltraNova43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Yeah their history points towards being tasked with producing online content.

On an unrelated note, after RDR2 I had my fill with Rockstar's formula (GTA/RDR). I need something new from them. Something fresh especially gameplay -wise.

I would love if R* main did Fantasy or even something space related.

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CrimsonWing6943d ago

You might be looking forward to things for a long time.

Hakuoro43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

After loving every GTA game up till the most recent one I can honestly say I'm over it. I don't care about GTA Online even the slightest and the humor and content in the single player just doesn't appeal to me the way it once did.

At one time just the fact that GTA was a huge open world was a selling point now that's not a big deal anymore, and whats left isn't as good for me as what I can find in so many other open world games.

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isarai43d ago

Well that's a nice unexpected surprise. Hopefully this helps their plans to release more games faster they mention a while ago.

RedDevils43d ago

More like increasing staff for their GTA V online. I haven't play any Rockstar games since Read dead 2.

Mr_cheese43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Even more employees to work on GTA5 so the game can see out next gen, the gen after that and potentially at a squeeze, the gen after that

SullysCigar43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I'll take it in VR, otherwise don't bother, just get on with GTA6 or a Bully sequel!

VR sounds a little too hopeful, but when you think they implemented first person mode for this gen and they got LA Noire onto PSVR, one can hope. Especially with the extra power afforded by PS5.

sophia421443d ago

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UltraNova43d ago

PSVR 2.0 might be the solution to that problem. We might even see GTA 6 in VR at some point.

sushimama43d ago

Damn they really need to start releasing new games. I want GTA6 or Bully 2 :-(

Kabaneri43d ago

Not only did we go a whole gen without a new GTA, they have the audacity to release a full priced Reremaster on PS5/XSX.

purple10143d ago

The online on free on ps5. Same as cod warzonen is free . But normal game is costing

CrimsonWing6943d ago

check this out PS2 generation got 3 GTA games (GTA 3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, more if you count the PSP ports).

GTA V got 3 console generations (PS3, PS4, and now PS5).

It goes to show how screwed up game releases are now. We barely get as many "new games" or IPs than we did back in the PS1 - PS3 era. Now, it's all Remasters and like 1/4 of brand new titles and on top of that nothing risk taking like Parasite Eve (just the first example to come to mind).

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