Best Buy's Early Black Friday Sale Discounts The Last of Us Part II, Breath of the Wild & More

Best Buy is hosting its own version of Amazon's Prime Day sale by discounting many products that include video games aplenty.

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StormSnooper45d ago

Best game of the generation for me. What a masterpiece.

CrimsonWing6945d ago

it was good, but generation... that's a bold statement.

I'm pretty sure Cyberpunk will be that for me. As it stands, Witcher 3 is my game of the generation.

StormSnooper44d ago

For me it’s between TLOU2 and God of War. Cyberpunk should be up there too.

Immagaiden45d ago

TLOU2, a game released a few months ago will be $40 while TLoZ: BotW, a 3 year old game, will be $45

My god Nintendo

VerminSC45d ago

Nintendo is notorious for not dropping prices. Wasn’t god of war only $20 6 months after release?

Pughski45d ago

They're notoriously greedy

nommers45d ago

This is why I got it for the Wii U at about $30. I still think the game was overpriced.

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Pughski45d ago

The only time Nintendo's triple A games go on sale lol

CorndogBurglar45d ago

Yeah its really annoying. Its to the point where Nintendo games are never a part of sales that stores put on. Paying full price for games that are years old is so dumb.

Valkron145d ago (Edited 45d ago )

And paying a high price for games decades later for emulated versions is even dumber

Pughski44d ago

That's nintendo for you. Not to mention charging full price for downgraded ports

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