Borderlands 3 Reveals Next Gen 4K And 60 FPS

Looks like some good news for gamers has arrived. Enjoy 4K resolution at 60FPS, four-player local split-screen co-op, and more as soon as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / Series S arrive starting November 10.

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Hasswell-NeverCold244d ago

That's really good if they are also mostly using same as max settings on pc because it really needs an insane graphics card on pc to do that 4k 60 fps. Or perhaps they've done a lot of optimization.

Garethvk244d ago

It will be great to see and the pending arrival of Cross Play as well will be fantastic. It will be nice when the next new content arrives to have more options to join in games with.

Shiore2u244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Of course it's optimized. Settings are lowered, that's been a thing with consoles for several generations now.

Garethvk244d ago

I remember when Diablo III came to consoles. You could see the lag. Played it at PAX and we were trying not to say anything to the rep as it was clear as day. So I will wait and see but I think with the new hardware they should be able to give gamers a solid experience.

Shuckylad244d ago

On pc you can gain an extra 20-30 frames just by lowering the fog, material and space reflections down to medium, With little to no obvious difference in visual quality.

Garethvk244d ago

True. The video card also helps as well.

jukins244d ago

Guess I should pick this up now

Garethvk244d ago

It is lots of fun. I did not get into the first one much as much of the gameplay and dynamics was different from what I usually played. So I completed Borderlands 2 and the all the DLC as well as Borderlands: The Pre Sequel and the DLC and was hooked. I then completed Borderlands Remastered and the DLC just as 3 arrived. I could not put it down and loved it. I have enjoyed the four DLC packs for the game. I am looking forward to more.

neutralgamer1992244d ago


They need to release a complete edition

Garethvk244d ago

I think because they have more DLC/Content coming they are waiting. One plan would be should they announce a new game say a Borderlands 4 they could release the complete then.

jukins244d ago

Is that not what the extreme edition is or is there even more dlc that what comes with that?

Garethvk244d ago

@jukins they have said more content is coming.

SullysCigar244d ago

That's great. Now where's my VR? lol

Garethvk244d ago

Did you play 2 in V.R.? Trying to get the movement down was crazy.

jukins244d ago

I loved it in vr juat felt like I was missing something without the co-op

SullysCigar244d ago

Yup, was great. I agree though, when it first released it was a bit awkward with the Move controllers.

But man, once they patched in AIM controller support, that took the game to the next level for me!

Then when they patched in all the extra content and DLC for FREE, I was amazed, and that's why I want BL3 in VR next. I only tried co op in flat screen after I'd played through in VR, so didn't know what I was missing, but honestly, I think that might be a step too far for the OG PS4 to cope with. On PS5, on the other hand...! BRING IT!

boing1244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Aim controller, bro. Game changer.

Garethvk244d ago

Very good point. It was not made to go solo.

BenRC01243d ago

Ps4 pro can barely run that game, never-ending vr lol. So poorly coded, its a basic cell shaded game.

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LucasRuinedChildhood244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

The free upgrade is pretty dope. [Peter Parker emerges from the shadows]

I wonder if the Doom Eternal next gen update will be ready for launch.

zacfoldor244d ago

I'm hyped. I actually loved this game on launch, but end game content was lacking and it had some technical hiccups(especially early on) on the PS4 Pro. I'm in for this one on PS5. It's a great game, imho.

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