Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC: Age of Empires III, Cricket 19, Tales of Vesperia and more

From Xbox Wire: "We have new games, we have classics, we’ve even got games on your consoles, on your PCs and on your Android devices. It’s not literally raining games (because that would hurt), but what I’m saying is that there are a lot of games."

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DJStotty50d ago

Give me age of empires on the console for f£$ks sake lol.
That and flight simulator!!

instantstupor50d ago

This is the pain I feel quite often as a PC player - seeing great games go to GP for Console, but skipping out on PC. Journey to the Savage Planet and Nier: Automata come to mind, but even the delay to getting Doom: Eternal a nebulous "later this year" irks a bit.

That said, I'm looking forward to giving Katana Zero a try - had my eye on it, but with backlog/game pass, it faded to the background. Now it can go in my game pass backlog! There are too many games...

phoenixwing50d ago

Ah man. I haven't played vesperia in years. Definitely will download it for pc

TheColbertinator50d ago

AoE3 is a gem of the Ensemble era

TheHan50d ago

You’ve clearly forgotten Halo Wars 1

instantstupor50d ago

"A gem" doesn't preclude Halo Wars 1 from also being a gem, so perhaps Colbert didn't forget after all lol

TheColbertinator49d ago

I liked the story but the gamepad usage for it was irritating.

autobotdan49d ago

Tales of Vesperia is a gem