Destiny 2: Haunted Forest Gameplay

Despite not having played Destiny 2 in ages Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed joined a friend who said he wanted to try out the Halloween themed mission and catch up on things so here is a look at the Haunted Forest.

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Shikoku49d ago

I did the triumphs and I haven't played since..

Garethvk49d ago

I get that. I got through the game and the dlc and then got to a point where I was ok with that and not into all the optional raids, gear, etc. I am more about the story.

Shikoku49d ago

I've spent 1500hrs in D2. I have everything but the Pvp weapons like luna's etc. I enjoy the game but honestly I'm just storing materials waiting for Ps5 and beyond light to drop now that I've finished the festival triumphs and double nightfall rewards are over I probably won't play much besides stacking bounties for new light

Garethvk48d ago

That is some serious time logged.