Improvements That The PSVR 2 Needs

With the PlayStation 5 release date rapidly approaching, Sony will no doubt be releasing some more info on the new PlayStation VR headset that Sony has been hinting at for a while now. While not officially announced yet, Sony has made it clear that they have been experimenting with new VR tech for a while now so at this point the new PSVR (referred to as the PSVR 2 until Sony confirms the name) will most likely still be in the concept stages and fans will probably not know any more than that until mid-2021.

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morganfell889d ago

I do not think the PSVR 2 is in concept stages. The fact that the camera is finalized and the PSVR2 altered enough that the new HD camera is not compatible with PSVR1 is a decent indicator that Sony's new iteration may be a little further along in the development pipeline. I actually think we are going to see it in the summer of 2021 and even a possible launch in the fall of next year.

SullysCigar889d ago

Agreed, maybe holiday 2021. I think they'll gauge it on how PS5 sells.

As for the article, it's pretty obvious what PSVR2 needs over PSVR. Resolution bump, wireless (at least option), new controllers (we know they're coming after all the patents), inside out tracking incorporated, for starters. Personally I'd like eye tracking tech that's interwoven with foveated rendering - combine that with the speed of PS5's SSD and I/O throughput and you're no longer anywhere near as constrained as to how close VR can get to flat gaming.

One thing they nailed (even compared to the latest VR headsets) is comfort. I can wear that thing for hours and it bothers me WAY less than even the most comfortable gaming headsets do. I can even jump around like a loon in Beat Saber, Box VR, Pistol Whipped, Oh Shape, etc for an hour+ and the only reason I'm uncomfortable is because I'm running with sweat lol

morganfell889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

Its more than gauging how the PS5 sells. They need PS5s sold period. PSVR2 isn't going to be Backwards Compatible with the PS4 so they need a sufficient number of PS5s in the wild. Not just to provide a purchaser base for the PSVR2 but to also provide consumers for the software developers. In addition that software itself has to be given time to be developed as well. Also a large enough consumer base has to be there to encourage initial developers so that Sony studios are not carrying the VR water bucket by themselves.

You are spot on about the comfort. Of all the ones I own it is the most comfortable to wear, easiest to adjust, etc. I have spent hours, as in 3 - 4 in Farpoint with no comfort problems at all.

VenomUK889d ago

Yep, it's definitely beyond the concept stages. I was thinking about PSVR2 today and I'm pretty sure it's going to be wireless. Oculus Quest 2 in the UK is £299, US $299. I've received multiple questionnaires over the past year or so from Sony asking me about the convenience aspect, they are aware that it is an issue and what is so enticing about Oculus Quest is the wireless ease of using it.

PSVR 2 will use the computing power of PS5, it won't need a breakout box or need to do any, significant, computing. It just needs to be a great headset that can send and receive image from the PS5. If Facebook can make their headset at that price than Sony who will likely manufacture in much larger numbers will be able to do the same to. I'm actually excited thinking about it!

morganfell889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

In essence the PSVR 2 will use something Sony already knows how to do very well. Remote Play.

IanTH889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

Except Quest 2 isn't exactly "wireless" - is an all-in-one device, where the "wireless" aspect comes in to play due to being able to play the games on the device, no PC needed. If you want to take advantage of the power of your PC, you can use Oculus Link, but that requires you being tethered to the computer with a USB cable.

And a fair amount of people are sensitive to VR with tethered latency, so I think they'll want to avoid adding latency which WiFi adds; using highly specialized hardware that runs on the 60ghz band adds a trivial amount, but it is still increased, and this solution is not cheap. Perhaps they've come up with an internal solution to do it better than what's currently on the market, and far cheaper, but I'm not expecting that.

3rd party options exist to do it via WiFi, but I don't think Sony's going to go that route - putting a battery, robust WiFi, and computing on the headset (not for games, but if it is wireless, it would have to be able to send information back to the PS5 so a CPU will be needed to send even basic info) would increase complexity/price.

I wouldn't be surprised if it is being designed with the option of buying a wireless adapter later down the line, but I think that's not going to be now. Quality wireless adapters cost $200-300 for PC devices, and they require tinkering for setup - it isn't a plug-in and go scenario. Sony will be going for as cheap as possible to get people to buy in, so I imagine they will be using a Quest/WMR typed inside-out tracking, and the camera might simply just be for video chat & streaming. Perhaps the camera accessory will enable some kind of extra tracking volume given there are blind spots with inside-out tracking like on Quest/WMR, but unless the camera can also track IR LEDs akin to a Rift camera, I'm guessing it won't be used for VR.

I can see them offering a greatly improved experience to the current PSVR in a cheaper package with no external sensor needed, no fiddling from users, just plug and play...I think that's what were going to see, at least at launch.

morganfell889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

I don’t see this being a no external device situation. They made that new HD camera for a reason and it wasn’t for video chat. Also they need the processing power of the PS5 to truly bring a next gen VR experience.

jukins889d ago

Lol the camera has software to eliminate background. The camera is for streaming . . . Not for vr. If they use the camera, again, tracking will still be limited to what the camera can see and thats a bigger knock already against the psvr.

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ApocalypseShadow889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

Morgan, right on the money about PS5 needing to sell well so that developers and Sony know that there are at least enough gamers to sell VR to.

I thought the same thing as I watch and read these gamers on YouTube sites, reddit, etc, talking about that they are losing faith or lost faith in Sony over VR because Sony's quiet on it.

WE KNOW how it all works on the business end. Announcing PSVR 2 right now is a huge cost to consumers and creates confusion. Sony's focus should and is on selling PS5.

But these gamers are running around acting like things have run dry. They got Budget Cuts, Vader Immortal, Squadrons, Until You Fall, Pistol Whip, Iron Man, update on No Man's Sky, Swordsman, etc. But they act like nothing is happening or going on. Even updates on Hitman and Sniper Elite. Patents posted on the possible new controller. Video of hand tracking.

"I lost faith in Sony. I'm getting an Oculus Quest." "How come Sony won't talk about next gen VR or new controllers?" Lol!

I don't know if these guys are serious or secretly Facebook influencers pushing Quest 2 all over the net because it releases today I think. Like the mobile system will now play Skyrim, or other big games all of a sudden. It still won't. But it's funny to see. Don't even think Medal of Honor is coming to it. Only Rift and Steam.

I know Sony will do what's needed. Better controllers, better visuals, ease of use and comfort of play. A natural upgrade just like their consoles. Stomping on these gamers lack of faith. When Sony has a record of new hardware and software.

jukins889d ago

Lol if you think sony is gonna use the camera again. . .

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Fraggle1987889d ago

This will be out in holiday 2021, its certainly not at the concept stage. The main thing this needs is to be wireless. It MUST have this, if not then theres not point in bringing it out. its the number one barrier to entry for VR.

isarai889d ago

Bare minimum yo make me buy one over my current PSVR unit would be

Inside out tracking
At least 1080p per eye

Hit those and i'm game, give me a better controller with thumbsticks and finger tracking and i'm rushing to get one

morganfell889d ago

Patents for finger tracking have already been filed by Sony.

Pedantic91889d ago

I would like it to be compatible with PC if possible but i guess that would be asking for too much.

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