The Watch Dogs Legion File Size Revealed for Xbox Consoles

The Watch Dogs Legion file size has been revealed for this latest Xbox Series X/S Optimized and Xbox One X enhanced release featuring another large open world set in a modern London environment with the Xbox Store coming in at a fairly large file size.

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UltraNova422d ago

That's not too bad tbh. But it's still a cross gen game.

adamwparker421d ago

.....Followed immediately by a 36.4GB patch update, right?......RIGHT? lol!

FinalSpero422d ago

I'd say 40GB isnt really considered "fairly large" in 2020. I have 4 games installed on my One X right now that are >100GB.

I'd say 40GB is a decent average file size, especially for an end of generation open world game.

MrNinosan422d ago

So, the filesize is same on Series X and Series S?
Weren’t we promised smaller filesize on S?

dumahim421d ago

So that's on the Xbox store. Isn't that the PC version? I didn't see Xbox file sizes listed.

421d ago
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