Phantasy Star Online 2 Reveals NieR Automata Crossover DLC

Today Sega announced the release of three “Collaboration Packs” for Phantasy Star Online 2 dedicated to NieR Automata.

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xTonyMontana49d ago

Just to save me getting excited, is this for the Japanese version or official version?

Abriael49d ago

They're both official, but this is for the western version. The JP version had this years ago.

xTonyMontana48d ago

Thanks, sorry I meant official version as in Western version release, the Japanese version for example has an unofficial English patch so didn't want to say English release. Do they ever redo these events? Gutted I missed out on the persona one.

Abriael48d ago

xTonyMontana: in the Japanese version they don't, and so far in the US version they haven't either. I guess they have literal gazillions to catch up to.