Insomniac Shows Peter Parker and Miles Morales Spider-Man Together

Insomniac: "The leading publication from Marvel's New York is back with a fresh look and brand-new headlines! Daily Bugle Now dusts off the question: who is this new Spider-Man?"

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lifeisgamesok181d ago

Looking good :) I can't wait to play this

bouzebbal180d ago

I prefer the new Peter.. But only getting the new episode

lifeisgamesok180d ago

I liked the old Peter. I like the new Peter already and I'm anticipating Spider-man 2 on PS5

hulk_bash1987180d ago

At the end of the day Insomniac are devs I trust to make great games. And I know Miles Morales and Spiderman 2 will be amazing. Super hyped for next month, cant wait.

180d ago
-Foxtrot181d ago

Shame it's going to look like Miles is the mentor in this now after the face redesign

JEECE180d ago

No one should be threatening the devs, obviously, but this really was a nonsensical change.

buffig180d ago

I think it looks worse in the here and now, but when Spider-Man 2 comes out, people will understand why insomniac made the change. They obviously have grand plans for the sequel and I don't think they would've made this decision unless it truly made sense.

-Foxtrot180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Oh god no

However can't let some nut jobs going too far downplay legit fan criticism.

It's strange though because going through Reddit, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, especially the developers profiles, most people seem quite civil. Disappointed, annoyed and the like but not "I'm going to f***** hunt you down and kill the shit out of you* type.


I'm really hoping they recast Peter again for Spiderman II after all this, they can say "you'll see why we made this choice" all they want but after seeing it in action I'm not going to change my mind and I doubt many others are, we've seen it, it's not good, most people don't like it, so for the sequel I hope they recast.

Recast to someone who either looks like the old model or bring him back.

buffig180d ago

@foxtrot - Their facial capture tech wasn't being used to its full potential with the old model. They claim the needed to closely match the capture targets face to get the most realism. We can't possibly know how that will eventually look, because we haven't seen it yet. But Insomniac has. And no doubt they were sat in a studio and had a very difficult conversation, whereby they resigned themselves to having to make this change now, in order to reap greater benefits in future. They absolutely won't have just thought, this will be a laugh, lets just swap out the face. Honestly, when the time comes I think people are going to be impressed. It's the only explanation and I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They know their tech best

northpaws180d ago


There is not BUT in situation right this.

ziggurcat180d ago

"... legit fan criticism."

It's not legit fan criticism, it's childish bellyaching over a character model.

Unknown_Gamer5794180d ago

Implying this is a scenario where you should threaten people who worked on a product because you don't like something they did? I'm all for being critical of something, especially if it's not your cup of tea, but there are lines you shouldn't cross. Threatening other human beings over something so petty is one of them. Voice your discontent over the change in character appearance if you wish. No one is making you like it. Just recognize that the people who worked on that are people too, and should be treated with a certain degree of decency as is expected from any reasonable adult.

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Stanjara180d ago

Such a dumb decision from them.

Silly gameAr180d ago

What does it change? Nothing. The gameplay and the story will still be the same.

blackblades180d ago

Who cares how he look, most of time he'll have a mask on. People need to stop bsing about small things when we have real sh!t in this world to bs about.

-Foxtrot180d ago

Nope. Don't have to

If a developer makes a silly choice, you tell them, lets not just force any old shit into our mouths and tell them it's good, this is why many developers become arrogant as they think they can get away whatever they want and someday in the future if the worst happens people like yourself will cry "How did this happen".

Be more like Sucker Punch, we didn't like the Cole redesign, they admitted they were wrong, that fans opinion counted and they changed back. It made them more humble.

180d ago
Pancit_Canton180d ago

I care more on the developers visions for the game. As long as it doesn't carry certain or personal agenda that would hindered or affect the game.

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CrimsonWing69180d ago

Yea I'm with you, it's the most unnecessary face to change in the game.

I'd have given the face swap to MJ.

Magic_Spatula180d ago

Still wish that they blended both face models to find a happy medium. Would've been a better idea imo.

The7Reaper180d ago

Seriously, such a dumb and unnecessary change.

Also judging by all the downvotes it seems the fanboys are out in full force to defend their darling Tom Holland but missing a chromosome look alike.

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medman180d ago

I'm ready. Bring it on.

SullysCigar180d ago

Looking forward to this - that gameplay they showed looked great, I'm loving the new powers.

zacfoldor180d ago

That's cool, lol. Seriously.

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