Do or do not, there is no try – Electronic Arts and Star Wars

Electronic Arts is now 7 years through a 10 year exclusivity deal with the Star Wars license. Steve C talks about if they have done enough to keep it.

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Nodoze48d ago

'there is no try' about captures the approach to development. Battefront 1 was awful. BF II ended up being a decent game (after massive backlash for loot boxes). TFO - was decent, want more of it. Squadrons is good, but no post launch commitment. I guess we should be thankful that there are no micro transactions. Overall a completely missed opportunity. 7 years - 4 games. Pathetic.

xTonyMontana47d ago

They have done so little with it, their only top quality game was Fallen Order and it was developed by a team that hasn't been tainted by EA's filth. Squadrons is amazing but too little too late. I'd love to see them lose it but EA and Disney are a loving match made in hell.