Dirt 5 Xbox Series X Hands-On Preview: High on Content, Low on Next-Gen Wow-Factor - IGN

"After a couple of hours with the controller in-hand, Dirt 5 seems to be an absolute buffet of off-road racing flavors, even if there’s not as much of a next-gen sheen to it as I was hoping for." | Ryan McCaffrey, IGN

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waverider50d ago

The trailer is getting killed on social media. There is nothing next gen....

gamer780450d ago

i've posted this before, its a Dirt game, it never has push the boundaries on graphics or gameplay, this trailer is not surprising honestly. We are going to have to look to other games for next gen feel, but early on i imagine most games will just be higher fps, best we can hope for early on is fast loading and maybe RT patches.

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Ju49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

This is Motorstorm meets Dirt. Should not even carry the name Dirt. Don't even know why Codemasters releases 2 ralley games with the same name (Dirt (casual) and Dirt Ralley (hardcore)). This is part of Dirt DNA but more so OnRush and Motorstorm with a Dirt name (since this is basically built on the MS/OnRush engine).

But with that said, I think there is a lot of Motorstorm heritance visible, it is a missed opportunity. What made Motorstorm so great was the physics and destruction. This could have been a total showcase for next gen (like that ralley cross mode). Hopefully this can be polished some more. And get rid of that useless 120fps mode. WTH is that for?

StormSnooper50d ago

This is supposed to be the first Xbox series x game running on that system. You would think they would show something a little more impressive,. Having said that, it’s not bad either. Just nothing special.

waverider49d ago

What Was Microsoft thinking.... Sony doesnt need to do nothing.... The game is terrible...

gamer780449d ago

@waverider you know dirt5 isn't made by Microsoft right?...

Ju49d ago

Neither is Godfall...what's more next gen, though?

affrogamer50d ago

I have yet to hear anything positive about next-gen games performance on the XSX. Only positive reviews so far have been about BC games. Hopefully things aren't as bad as they seem, for competition sake.

StoneyYoshi50d ago

I think they just keep showing off the wrong games. Why not some of The Medium? Hell I'm sure they could at least show off some sort of gameplay from one of the games releasing next year. Like Scorn for example. That game has been in development for years. They could make a small demo to show off what the system is capable of.

Chriswheeler2250d ago

Maybe like Dirt it doesnt look or feel next gen.

I think the Medium is, but I think it may run at 30 fos and could ruin their image.

Ashunderfire8649d ago

I don’t know why people disagree with you Scorn has been in development for several years now! They need to look 👀 at those gameplay videos on Steam or on YouTube the gameplay is there!

StoneyYoshi49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


They disagree because I'm not praising what we are seeing here.

Ju49d ago

I think MS strategy backfired. The were putting everything into the frame rate games. More fps, more frames, more...but you can't sell that on Youtube. Fidelity you can. Happened with Halo and now with Dirt with a big emphasis on 120fps which is pretty much useless for that next gen.

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Obscure_Observer49d ago


"I have yet to hear anything positive about next-gen games performance on the XSX. Only positive reviews so far have been about BC games. Hopefully things aren't as bad as they seem, for competition sake."

We´ll see how Dirty 5 performs on PS5 vs Series X and S soon enough.

CaptainHenry91646d ago

I wanna see Halo infinite because that demo was ridiculous

Zhipp49d ago

Isn't this game 120fps on Series X and S?

badz14949d ago

also claimed to be 120fps on the PS5

someone7249d ago

Digital Foundry said a lot of good things about Dirts performance. Particularly the 120fps mode.

Actually, pretty much every preview of dirt 5 has been filled with praise, just most say it doesn’t wow.

To be fair, ive seen no wow games on ps5 either. Souls looks the best, and its a port of a shitty 10 year old game. (Seriously, souls games are terrible, no clue why people like them)

Lets wait for some more info to come out before chastising previews based on non final builds which actually do run better than current gen games.

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Father__Merrin50d ago

As another user has pointed out goto twitter and see reactions it's horrid for the Devs I can imagine this getting delayed.

aaronaton50d ago

I can't believe how bad this game looks, Motorstorm apocalypse looks better and that launched nearly 10 years ago. Needless to say, Driveclub looks tons better granted some of the team worked on that title. Hard swerve for me.

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