Mileena Absence From Mortal Kombat 11 Explained, Boon Confirms He's Seen Cut of New Live-Action Film

Mortal Kombat 11 MIleena long absence explained by Ed Boon, Boon also confirmed he's seen a cut of the in-development Mortal Kombat movie.

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Tedakin288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

The fans acted pretty nasty over Mileena, but as an MK fan I'm glad she's in it. She is one of the characters that should be in every game like Sub-Zero and Scorpion. People use the argument "she died in MKX" which makes no sense. Baraka died in MKX too and is back in 11. Johnny was dead in MK3. MK features magic, necromancy and now time travel. No one is ever really dead.

sourOG288d ago

Everybody has died in mk lol

Nitrowolf2288d ago

MK11 was literally about time traveling. Why people thought her being dead meant anything was beyond me

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CorndogBurglar288d ago

I don't care what Boon's answer is. The REAL answer is that he knows people love Mileena so he left her off the roster so he could charge for her a year later and help bring money and fans back to the game. He always saves crazy popular DLC characters until later in the game's life. Fighting games lose a big portion of their player base relatively quickly. By doing this he keeps the game hyped. He's not stupid. He knows what he's doing.

He saved Martian Manhunter for the last DLC in Injustice 1, even though fans were begging for him since day 1. He saved the TMNT until the end of I justice 2's life cycle. He saved Alien and Predator until late in MKX's life span. And now he did it with Mileena in MK11.

Based on the fact the fact that Reptile and Ermac are the 2 next most requested characters, I guarantee you Reptile will be in the next Kombat Pack. And that isn't on accident. Mileena and Reptile are two fan favorite characters that everyone always expects to be on the main roster. He knows people will pay for them down the road.

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FlavorLav01288d ago

Hope the live action movie supersedes all expectations. The source material is gold for the right visionary behind the camera and director’s chair

jBlakeeper288d ago

Her fighting style is iconic to me and it feels like a huge piece of MK is missing. I can’t wait until Nov 17th. She’s my favorite character.

ZombieGamerMan288d ago

No one going to point out how Ed said Mileena was in MK1, like what?

sourOG288d ago

He said 1 and 2. He then puts the context into subzero and scorpion and then Kitana and mileena being the next rivalry. I can see why you took it that way but I think you are taking it too semantically and ignoring the context. I’m not hating but that happens a lot on this site.