The Outer Worlds is finally coming to Steam - here's when you can play it

Sci-fi sim touches down on planet Steam on 23rd October. Did you wait..

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RazzerRedux53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

"Did you wait"

Nah....paid a $1 to play it on Game Pass for PC. Not a bad game.

ocelot0753d ago

Exactly what I did lol. Worth the $1 any day of the week. But no where near as good as new vegas as people made out to be.

53d ago
Tedakin52d ago

I just started playing it on Xbox gamepass like a week ago.

BrainSyphoned52d ago

Ditto. Enjoying blasting things in Rage 2 more than this game though.

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Lighter952d ago

Can we throw grenades yet? Can we build and customize robot allies?