It's official – Doom Guy's name is Doom Guy

id Software co-founder, John Romero, has finally opened up on a secret that's forever shrouded the fan-favourite shooter series, Doom, and revealed that the real name of the mysterious Doomguy is… well, Doom Guy.

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RaidenBlack55d ago

Before downvoting, read UAC REPORT FILE H8UM66S | Slayer's Testament V.I

ColdSin55d ago

why are you getting down voted? I upvoted to bring balance.

RaidenBlack55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

One of the perks of this website.

LordoftheCritics55d ago

The downvotes equate to how much you got right.

BrettAwesome55d ago

I agree. What should I do. Up or downvote?

Sciurus_vulgaris55d ago

Except, Romero doesn’t work for iD anymore, what he says isn’t official. Besides it was stated by current iD employees that Doom Guy is descended from B.J. Blazkowicz. Doom Guy’s name, has been was stated as William Blazkowicz before.

ziggurcat55d ago

Whether he still works for iD is irrelevant - one would think that one of the creators of the game would know the name of the main protagonist. That information wouldn't get wiped from his memory just because he left.

RgR55d ago

Unless he had no name at that time.

ziggurcat55d ago

I just watched High Score on Netflix, and based on what they talked about in that specific episode regarding iD/Romero, it didn’t seem like they were focusing their energy on coming up with a name, so “Doom Guy” is probably exactly what that character’s name has been this whole time.

Obscure_Observer54d ago


"Whether he still works for iD is irrelevant "

No, it´s not. The original creators of Wolverine, named him "Logan". His name now is
James Howlett.

ID can name the Doom Guy whatever the hell they want. Like William Blazkowicz as Sciurus_vulgaris already mentioned here.

ziggurcat54d ago


Yes it is. He's a co-creator of the game, he knows what the character's name is. His employment at the company doesn't change the fact that he helped create the game, and would have had a hand in the game's lore.

Also, no - his name is still Logan, it's one of his aliases (Weapon X is another). Howlett has always been his birth name, that didn't change just because the creator is no longer around.

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frostypants55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

He helped invent the character. His opinion carries more weight than anyone's besides John Carmack. Current employment doesn't matter. It's their character. Anything else is revisionist.

Sciurus_vulgaris55d ago

Tom Hall, who worked on Doom 1 stated that Doom Guy is descended from B.J. Blazkowicz. John Romero helped create Doom, but he no longer works on the franchise. Current employment does matter. If Doom (2016) and Eternal weren’t as well received as they have been, the franchise would of died.

The two recent Doom games aren’t revisionists. The two recent titles have continued the “Doom Guy’s” story, expanded the lore and confirmed fan theories. Romero left iD and Doom more than 20 years ago.

MWH54d ago

by principle; it's true that the property belongs to id and they have the right to do whatever they want with it but, this doesn't erase the game's identity and this identity was given by its original creators.

Granted, it seems Romero and crew didn't really care about naming the character, so, whatever it is I don't see why it should rattle anyone's cage.

TheHan55d ago

Such a fitting name for the slayer of demons! Though I was highly disappointed with the direction they’ve went with Doom. Every time I play doom I feel like Doom 3 was gonna be the direction to go with. No it feels way to arcade to me, couldn’t get into it at all. Bring back the horror of fighting off the demon invasion...

BrettAwesome55d ago

So you haven't played DOOM 1 and 2?

TheHan53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@Brettawesome; I have but I feel those were more acceptable then today. Today I feel like it should be scary and more Survival Horror compared to this fast past action cartoonish arcade gameplay. To each their own but when I think of demons and Doom I think of a scary game not a boring frightless one.

MWH55d ago

I enjoyed the new games but I agree with you. true that the originals had plenty of fun but there was also this layer of eerie and unsettling atmosphere that is missing from the new games, actually in my opinion the new games feel more cartoonish for the most part. what's strange is that some didn't experience this dread feeling with the originals and they only saw them as funny and, cartoonish!

to each their own I guess, but I'd like to think that the original developers intended it the way I experienced it.

DefenderOfDoom254d ago

I thought the orginal Doom games were very scary ! But i played them in 1995 . Back then, the graphics did not seem cartoonish . So my only complaint about Doom 16 and Doom Eternal is the music does not have to be ballz to the wall metal most of time . Bobby Prince had errie funky ,kinda of scary vibe to early Doom games music tracks. Which helped set the mood . I think Doom Eternal DLC is coming out on the 20th of this month . Doom Eternal's gameplay is crazy fun !!

McToasty207755d ago

They could do Spin Offs, sometimes you play Doomguy/Slayer and it’s balls to the walls action, whereas sometimes you could play as nameless Marines, who are just struggling to get through the invasion.

In fact Doom 3 suggests this, there’s a mural in Hell of the 1 & 2 Doomguy, so he exists separate from the Marine in 3

DefenderOfDoom254d ago

Doom Eternal feels more like Doom 1 and 2 . The gameplay is fast and frantic, as it should be. As far as DOOM GUY goes . I will stick with what John Romero said . After all , he did put out another episode 'Sigil' for Doom 1 last year . And i believe his working on another episode for Doom 2 . So he is still involved in the Doom franchise.

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Petebloodyonion55d ago

The real important information that Bethesda should confirm is the health situation for Daisy!
Honestly, How can Bethesda leave this important detail without any resolution is beyond me!

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