Halo Infinite Has a Reclaimer Saga Problem

The fact that Halo Infinite's Reclaimer Trilogy has been renamed the Reclaimer Saga could have troubling implications for the story.

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Kabaneri144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

I hope they bring back the Flood. I know some of the Flood levels were overwhelming but it added an element of horror to the series. Halo needs to be rated M again.

Sciurus_vulgaris144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

None of the Halo games in hindsight deserved an M rating. In Europe for the all Halo FPS games are rated PEGI 16 ( which is the same rating as the Uncharted series ( Uncharted has always been rated T in the Canada and United States, so I think the older Halo games might of more accurately deserved a T-rating too.

Tedakin144d ago

Halo 3 had an ending... then they just undid it and built more Halo rings.

aconnellan144d ago

There were always more rings that existed though, they didn’t make them after halo 3. There’s always been 7 or so.

The problem with the new Halo games (more so Halo 5 than 4) isn’t that they continued after Halo 3 - it’s that they did so with poor execution

Prubar144d ago

Uh Halo 3 ended showing a literal cliffhanger. The Forerunner Shield World requiem.

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Sirk7x144d ago

The problem with Halo lore, is that it's incredibly bloated. You can't understand the entire story from just playing the games. You have books, comics, animated series, etc, that all set up this massive expanded universe that's all canon. It's pretty daunting for someone to jump into.

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