Rogue Galaxy gets and 10/10 from Gamerz-Edge

Very rarely does a new RPG come out that really turns my head like Rogue Galaxy. It's combination of action and adventure with classic RPG elements; along with it's beautiful worlds and expansive gameplay leave me fully satisfied with this title. I cannot complain about the playing experience in the least.

You are presented with a well written story, a detailed universe, a cast of fun and engaging characters, and a quest that captivates your attention and makes you want to see what is next. This game gets my highest rating, as anything less would under serve my very high opinion of the game. If you have a Sony Playstation 2 or 3, you simply must go out and get Rogue Galaxy. In my opinion it's the best release for the Sony Playstation I've ever played.

Gameplay: 10.0/10.0
Presentation: 10.0/10.0
Value: 10.0/10.0
Fun Factor: 10.0/10.0
Final Score: 10.0

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