Star Citizen Videos Show Spectacular Squadron 42 Gameplay & Locations, Discuss Imperator Election

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released two video about the growing online game and its single-player counterpart Squadron 42.

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PrinceOfAnger51d ago

Just more 5 years to go...looks incredible though!

TheScotsman51d ago

Till betta 1 maybe but defo no full release.

What a joke of a game

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S2Killinit51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Ahh yes the black hole of video games.

Bismarn51d ago

when this whole thing finally explodes and the reckoning begins, I hope that twinfinite goes down with it, as they've been the worst shill of this scam on N4G

PCgamer9850d ago

Nah it's not twinfinite but that nelva guy. He has been shilling for star citizen for years even when he was at dualshockers.

Tapani51d ago

This time it's spectacular, but not gorgeous? Easy to spot it's twinfinite article with the limited vocabulary and hype.

ssj2751d ago

I been saying this for years by the time this comes out ps5 game will look better o boy i was right Demon souls make this game look outdated. F even Civerpunk77 which looks late current gen look better on on par with this graphically comparable.
I guess space games will be huge nextgen gen and sony has Santa Monica and Nauthy Dogs working on a space game oh and sony Japan also has a space ip. Im sure any of this will put this on shame.

They took way to long to finish it 2 late and outdated by the time this comes out.

Maybe it it came out 2 years ago it would have been relevant.. .

Rainbowcookie51d ago

Santa monica isnt working on a space game. People took cory's tweets out of context

ssj2751d ago

What lol there is screen shots of a santa monica new ip leaked.
Nobody knows if i canceled or not rumors are it was canceled but you never know and even if it was that doesn't mean they aren't working on a new ip similar theme but better idea. Even through i would like them to work on a open world rpg inspired on lord or the ring game of the thrones & 300 but with their own twist and based on motological Gods. I mean besides GOW. They are going that route anyways. Why not fully jump into it but with their amaing gameplay and narrative they make cool and epic seem so easy to make. Leave space themes to naughty dog and GG with a new twist on Killzone i can only imagine. GG has level up on level design and narrative etc Killzone need a reboot more greedy and heavy controls and advanced technology like killzone 2 but with a campin and script done by more professional writer's and actors. The basics are there and they are amazing

Rainbowcookie51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I was referring to this tweet...

Now it might just be him covering it up but yeah. Now I think about it he isn't directing GOW2 so what is he doing 😊

WireMucks51d ago

Well it is not exactly how it looks(pretty great),.. it is all the systems and simulations that are running behind it is what is impressive.

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TheOptimist50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Not a supporter of this game, but it still does look and feel like a next-gen game. Not to metnion, its scope is bigger than anything else out there. Yeah, it has wayyyyy too many shortcomings, but good content creators have made content on this game saying, it ain't all bad.

And as someone said, it's not just about the looks (Which is still does better than any game I have seen), but the systems behind it that impress me more.

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The story is too old to be commented.