Baldur's Gate 3 is Going to Change The Way People Play D&D

COG writes: There's a real special game coming. And when it arrives, I think it's going to be all you want to play.

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53d ago
solideagle53d ago

yes because its not baldur's gate its more of divinity original sin...

enkiduxiv53d ago

Oh gosh, nooooooo!!!!!!!!!

If you have a problem with it, just think about what it would be like if modern BioWare made it.

TheRealTedCruz53d ago

It will have only 4 vague dialogue options. Your skills will have 0 effect on the world, outside of combat. You'll just spam attack to win every battle, and somehow literally everyone will be bisexual.

drunkenspy00753d ago

obsidian is the successor of black isle studios, not bioware. I honestly think it would have been better in their hands.

RememberThe35753d ago

Obsidian would have kilt it no doubt

instantstupor53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

It might be a bummer for OG BG fans, but as someone who put in well over 100 hours on D:OS2 I'm pretty excited about it lol. Not "throw $60 on Early Access" excited, but excited nonetheless.

I think this is a bad game to buy in Early Access (and I think spending "fully developed game" money on a title in EA is kinda nuts lol). The game is going to improve so much that I wouldn't want to get my fill early, before the full experience is available & all the best stuff is in place. And if this is anything like the D:OS series, huge changes will come after launch in the form of a Definitive Edition that will really hone & perfect the experience.

My friends have been playing it, and enjoying what's there so far, but I'm just as happy to read about the updates and pay for it once a complete product is available.

BrainSyphoned53d ago

Watching Divinity:OS change from build to build during EA was one of my top gaming experiences last decade. I’d argue EA with Larian is worth more than a simple unchanging finished product.

C4rnos53d ago

I'm honestly confused by the people complaining about paying full price for early access, are most games cheaper during early access? are you getting less of a game by the time it comes out? is the expectation you get more for your money than a 50+ hour game by the end of it?.

it's simply there for people that want to play it early; and good feedback will come of it once you filter out the incessant whining some feel they're entitled to.

I like that BG is evolving, a lot of games don't do that; and Larian are developers that care about the project as much as the fans, and not many companies would put that care into this sorta thing these days.

instantstupor53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@C4rnos - 1st off, yes, a lot of games in early access do price themselves lower to start and then increase as features and overall content increases. It's a good way to get people to buy in to a product that's incomplete, in flux, and has no promise of actually being finished. For a bigger studio like Larian, probably not going to be a problem, but for most other smaller developers? Not being able to afford to continue development (or simply getting bored midway through development and disappearing) isn't unheard of, so it's a financial tradeoff to offer a lower buy-in for a game with a lot of unknowns.

For this game, specifically, I think the downsides I laid out in my previous comment still apply, but there are others. You're buying in before there are any real reviews, which makes sense; you can get impressions on what exists, but that's about it. You don't know what they will add, you don't know if the changes they make will be something you won't like, you could want a change & feel ignored if it isn't get the picture. In general, a good rule of thumb is to pay for what something is now, not what it *could* become. If the offer was to pay $60 for the game as it currently stands, I imagine there are a decent number of people who wouldn't take that deal.

In regards to my previous comment, you are paying full price to ultimately play the game in its least polished, least complete state. It's not uncommon for people buy in early and get their fill before the best version of the game exists, or simply get bored and move on to one of the hundred new games launched every day. I've read BG3 is going to be in EA for likely at least a year, so late 2021 at the earliest with early 2022 not out of the question (especially if considering a potential Definitive Edition upgrade).

When there are so many games out there that are feature complete for $60 - and I personally don't even spend full price on new releases anyway - it seems kind of crazy to buy in early access if there isn't a financial gain to be had. It does have the ability to benefit games greatly - devs from games like Dead Cells and Hades say flatout that their games would have been worse without so much feedback - but it seems weird that you have to pay to get into that system. I beta tested Torchlight 3 and that didn't cost me a penny. I have bought into EA games before, but when I liked the game as it stood & also got a discount for buying in early. I'm not saying I'm right, I'm just saying that it seems to be a good game to wait until final release to have the highest chance of getting the most enjoyment out of your playthrough.

It's got over 11,000 reviews on Steam, and sitting at "very good" tells me that people are happy with what's there. I get the excitement and if you know what you're getting into, I'm not saying people shouldn't do it. But for me, personally, it seems like a questionable choice. But different strokes for different folks, of course.

Hakuoro53d ago

You're 100% correct, it's not Badur's Gate or like any Infinity Engine game. It's much like I originally felt, they should have just called it something else because it's not Badur's Gate, it doesn't mean it's not a good game it's just not Baldur's Gate. But they had to use the Baldur's Gate name to build hype, and of course it worked.

Sadly it looks like that style of Isometric game that Infinity games used and that was brought back by Pillars of Eternity ect. are dead again.... now that BG turned into Divinity and Microsoft bought all those studios and has them making 3d action rpg's that will sell to the casuals..

At least we got a few good traditional CRPG's hopefully in another 15 years some new studio will want to return to that style of game with a reasonable budget.

Runechaz52d ago

Like every Final Fantasy after 10 is not a Final fantasy.. if i follow your logic

solideagle51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Every Final Fantasy is different story/gameplay/etc so it is expected from FF.

We have many Baldur Gate which were like Diablo-esque gameplay. I played Dark Alliance I & II on PS2, so I know a little bit about it. This one should have been called divinity III not Baldur's gate.

I dont have problem with turned based game to be quite honest with you, it's just I wanted a big studio to create ARPG which will compete against Diablo. There is POE but diablo's number are huge.

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