Forza Horizon - Where Does It Go Next

Alex writes: "The titular Horizon festival has travelled the globe across four entries, with Colorado, the French-Italian riviera, Australia and Britain all hosting the music and racing extravaganza. Whilst there are plenty of ways the series could evolve with a new entry, one question to ask is which location could play host next in any potential Forza Horizon 5. So, let’s go on a quick world tour and see where we could head next."

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SullysCigar297d ago

Nintendo Switch?

Maybe through Gamepass/XCloud.

porkChop297d ago

Spain or Canada would be cool.

Universal 08297d ago

Canada for sure, its very underrated in the gaming world

UnholyLight296d ago

As a Canadian, I hope not Canada. Unless they had some way to condense the best driving areas like the Rocky Mountains, there's a whole lot of filler. Def not a prime location next imo

porkChop296d ago

The maps aren't 1:1 recreations. They're fictional, condensed maps that emulate the real locations.

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sprinterboy296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

"planet Racer"? that is actually could be a good concept for a racer, races on venus, mercury, mars etc plus racing on moons and exo planets?

Jericho1337297d ago

Think Japan is the rumoured next destination.

giovonni296d ago

If so, night time driving would be Phenomenal!!!!

Father__Merrin297d ago

They will just have to carry on and pick a different place

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The story is too old to be commented.