Biggest PlayStation 5 Teardown Takeaways

IGN: “Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch 2020, our show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. I'm Daemon Hatfield, and as always I'm joined by Ryan McCaffrey, host of IGN's Xbox podcast, Podcast Unlocked, Jonathon Dornbush, host of IGN's PlayStation podcast, Podcast Beyond. And Bo Moore, IGN's Executive Tech Editor.

This week we discuss the biggest takeaways from the PS5 teardown video, the ongoing PS4 to PS5 save transfer controversy, PS5 vs Series X/S storage, and how the PlayStation 5's storage compares to Series X.”

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Sophisticated_Chap50d ago

The biggest takeaway, is that this is one big sucker. That heatsink is something that you would see on an AIB graphics card.

Risky_2450d ago (Edited 50d ago )

IMO the internal assembly is really well thought out; a brilliant bit of engineering. I like the design philosophy which anticipates and attempt to negate problems caused by the most simple but common things such as dust. The size may be overkill and understandably too big for some people but the benefits of the design hopefully outweigh the cons of the size.

NEXUS-650d ago (Edited 50d ago )

No bigger than an ATX case - and that MB is a thing of beauty. I know it'll sit in front Phanteks Enthoo case and I'll still 1/3rd Of it.

Easy to customise, easy to clean, easy to upgrade and should be very quite, cool and super fast between tasks.

NEXUS-650d ago

Sophisticated Chap - for a reason, and people who game don't mind them that way. If its a HTPC - m-itx is ok, but not when you have thermals to consider.

Bigger is not necessarily a bad thing in this instance.

RazzerRedux50d ago

Would rather it be large with plenty of room for airflow and heatsinks than too small and have heat issues.

kneon50d ago

That's why I always build PCs with huge cases that let me stick in lots of fans and that allow the drives, motherboard, GPU and PSU lots of room to breath. I often run tasks that max out my machine for hours or days, skimping on cooling just isn't an option.

alb189950d ago (Edited 50d ago )

What about smaller and not heat issues?
That's what is about the design.
I know it is difficult because they have to make a console cheap enough for all people and have the pressure of time but men, that's a big console!
To get it I will have to pay a lot of shipping and for Sony to send it will be much more expensive.
I hope the slim or the pro comes very soon.

RazzerRedux50d ago (Edited 50d ago )


Exactly. If I wanted a small PC build then I'd go ITX, but I want lots of airflow and cooling so I put in the extra effort with cable management and a fan strategy. Try gaming on a laptop with dedicated GPU. Those things get hot!


"What about smaller and not heat issues?
That's what is about the design."

No idea what you are trying to say. Smaller means heat is more of a concern as there is less airflow. Sorry that's just a fact. And so my point stands, I'd rather it be larger and have an effective cooling solution.

"To get it I will have to pay a lot of shipping and for Sony to send it will be much more expensive."

Just stop with the hyperbole. PS5 isn't so significantly larger than other consoles to make the shipping costs skyrocket. You are trying to characterize this like you are ordering an 80 inch TV.

Edit: In fact, the XSX and the PS5 are nearly the exact same weight. 4.5kg for PS5 vs 4.45kg for XSX.

50d ago
alb189950d ago

What I am saying is that you pay to professionals to make the console safe, quite and small. Of course you can go for the easiest route wish is to do it bigger but it isn't a good consumer aproach.

RazzerRedux50d ago

Hopefully those "professionals" do a good job. The laws of thermodynamics don't give a shit how much you paid. Like I said, I'd rather it be larger and have less risk.

morganfell50d ago

“Bigger and weaker console.”

Oh look, another oversimplified point of view that thinks power is defined by one number. Never mind that the PS5 has an unmatched full rate due to the super fast SSD and IO.

Besides, we’ve actually seen next gen games running on the PS5 that wow. Anyone else? Not so much, so you can enjoy your power sandwich if you like but it isn’t that filling.

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EasilyTheBest50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I definitely think after seeing both teardowns the PS5 is costing more to manufacture than the Xbox Series X.
I expect a slim version PS5 within 18 months.

EasilyTheBest50d ago

There just seems to be a lot more to the PS5. The heat sink is huge, the bluray drive being inside a metal case to keep it quiet, the overall size of it, the plastic flaps on the sides plus the plastic base that has to be screwed on and it has to be able to turn. Oh & finally the controller which has more features than an Xbox Series X controller including it has to have a lithium ion battery inside. Definitely all adds up.
Do you think it looks cheaper to produce than an Xbox Series X?

alb189950d ago

What have been around is that the cost to produce an PS5 is 450 and a SX 500. You must understand that the SX is more powerful and is much more compact.....that is expensive Sir.

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Goukira50d ago

After seeing that transformable stand i wish xbox would give us the option to remove that stand as well. Would be better for airflow too if there wasn't that huge rubberised plate on the side when it lays sideways

ZeroBlue250d ago

Because of the radically different designs of the two consoles, I'd be curious to see a cubic inches comparison. Either way, I'm all in with PS5.

alb189950d ago

I definitely will buy both but I got lucky with the SX preorder first.
The PS5 is bigger by a lot.

TheProblem50d ago

“ The PS5 is bigger by a lot”

No it’s not. Don’t you Xbox trolls ever take a day off?

The ps5 is a bit taller. The SX is nearly twice as wide. They are both big consoles.

They are virtually the same weight

alb189950d ago


PS5 Dimensions: 15.4 in × 10.2 in × 4.1 in

Series X Dimensions: 11.9 in x 5.9 in × 5.9 in

Sir, am I a troll or is it just a fact that the PS5 is a lot bigger?

ZeroBlue250d ago (Edited 50d ago )

If both consoles were box shaped this would be a useful metric for determining size, but they are not. Apparently they are the same weight, and it seems like some of Sony's stylistic flair approach makes the console look bigger than it actually is. Hence my curiosity to see the cubic inch comparison.

BrettAwesome50d ago

Sir, I'm gonna have to respectfully ask you to stop using the word "sir", you stupid little nerd.

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