Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory was Almost a Theatrhythm Game

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory was almost a game in the Theatrhythm franchise according to a newly-translated interview with the game's producer and directors.

A new interview with Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Director Tetsuya Nomura, Co-Director Masanobu Suzui, and Producer Ichiro Hazama reveals many of the upcoming details about this new game. Melody of Memory will feature very different gameplay than what fans of the franchise would expect, but it has a lot in common with another one of Square Enix's franchises: Theatrhythm.

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Kaedro48d ago

It literally is a theatrhythm game.

mastershredder48d ago

Lol okay..sure as heck looks and feels like a mee-too template based rhythm game (regardless of how your consumer gamer brain thinks). All that name dropping and “history lesson” took this article to new realms of “techraptor does not make any money doing this anyway”. Just consider that. You do this crap for free. Winning.