Missing in Action: The Lost Games of Xbox

IGN assembled a list of some titles that have gone missing in action. They made some calls, did some snooping and endeavored to discover the truth about the games that were once eagerly anticipated.

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Boink4905d ago

and I had not hear of any of them, nor was I excited about anything in the list.

Grown Folks Talk4905d ago

to BC. i still keep hopes for the final shenmue (throw all 3 in 1 even). starcraft ghost will probably be made for the 360 and/or PS3 at some point. other than those, not much else stuck out to me.

TimAshdown4905d ago

Great Piece! I even read the GC and PS2 lists.

THWIP4905d ago

That's the only one on that list I care anything about.....and I refuse to give up hope. The gameplay trailers looked so freakin' amazing, and it was truly an original game, in pretty much every aspect. Everything else on that list, was just more sequels or cookie cutter crap, and won't be missed.

Sphinx4905d ago

Even my wife was excited about that game. I just think it sounds like a lot of fun... and if they were to finish it, they could do something like Crackdown with the online co-op play, or even a MMO of sorts... cave man clans would be frikkin sweet.

THWIP4905d ago

...was looking forward to it. When I first showed her the trailers, and told her it would basically be Morrowind on crack......with Dinosaurs....she was hooked. It broke my heart to have to tell her it was canned. :(

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