Crystal Dynamics Claims Relief In Sight For Bored Avengers Players

It’s been a little over a month since Square Enix launched Marvel’s Avengers, and players are getting tired of running the same missions with the same characters ad infinitum. We need new content. New enemies. New game mechanics. Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos says more content, including new mission types, a new hub, and both Hawkeyes, is being released in the coming weeks.

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morganfell294d ago

A game designed and promised to operate on a constant feed shouldn’t be looking for relief after a little over a month.

InMyOpinion293d ago

Exactly. This is Anthem all over again. Game over, Square Enix. Hope you learn from this.

abstractel293d ago

I would honestly play it more if I could just have the option of going solo without AI companions. Don't see that being hard to implement except for the campaign missions.

Second criticism is how few and overly used environments there are. After working on it for so many years I expected more. I actually really enjoyed the game up and finishing with the first boss fight between Hulk and *****.

SamPao293d ago

Well for their defense, its probably not wveryone. I mean the most hardcore gamers finished every WoW expansion within a week that takes others months or years.
So its really about perspective

morganfell293d ago

By that metric 90% of the Avengers players are or rather were hardcore players. The server activity is on life support. People left this game and not just a few players. En masse. And also remember how the devs talked up a constant stream to keep players engaged. They didn’t say there would be enough for two weeks then you have to wait a month and a half to two months for more.

SamPao293d ago

I have no numbers with me sorry, I cant have a discussion like that :D

-Foxtrot294d ago

Lol. It seems they are dropping off one by one

It’s only been a month

This won’t survive along

RememberThe357293d ago

Never understood the hype for this game, it always looked second rate to me. Can't say I'm surprised to read a headline like that. It was a bit surprising how it seemed to fall off the map after launch though.

AspiringProGenji294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Good IP gone to waste thanks to Live service crap

Who didn’t see this coming?

neutralgamer1992293d ago

If they had only made a single.plater or co op focused offline story driven game. Similar to marvel ultimate alliance but with a higher budget

GameBoyColor293d ago

Man a lot of people here on n4g tried so hard to defend this game during the open beta lol. It was just so obvious this wasn't going to be any good.

akaFullMetal293d ago

This is why I don't usually get these games at first. Not enough content to keep you busy.

neutralgamer1992293d ago

The model of GAAS is so broken

Launch your game with bunch of empty promises

Hype the game

Promise a lot of content and a road map

But than launch your game broken so instead of focusing on adding content the game has to be patched/fixed

After 18-24 get praised from media in fans on what a comeback this game/developer has made. Sea of thieves did with similar things, anthem still hasn't recovered, fallout 76 and it took no man sky years to get right. For every GAAS that got it right there are dozens that get it wrong

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The story is too old to be commented.