Action Brawler 'UPPERS' Coming West To PC Later This Month

XSEED announced that they are publishing UPPERS in the west exclusively on PC-via Steam for an October 21 release.

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Lexreborn2103d ago

About time! I imported this and could only get so far on my broken

Pedantic91103d ago

And the Ps4 version got cancelled.
The natural course for a platform holder with a censor happy trigger.

SegaGamer103d ago

Good, seriously, I'm not joking. I would rather games get cancelled for certain platforms than have those games censored. If Sony want to keep up their BS censorship policies on Japanese games, then there are plenty of other platforms for these Japanese games companies to release their game. We need one of the big companies to pull one of their games before we see any change though.

It's all a bit hypocritical from Sony. The Last of Us 2 is allowed an anal scene, but so much as show a Japanese cartoon characters panties and they freak out and start demanding light rays.