Star Citizen & Squadron 42 Gets New Trailers & Images to Celebrate Alpha 3.11 Release

Today Cloud Imperium Games is rolling out update 3.11 of its growing space simulator Star Citizen, and it's celebrating with new assets.

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Kaedro53d ago

Welcome aboard the "GIVE ME MONEY" project.

Sieden53d ago

You've just described every capitalistic venture in existence.

Kaedro53d ago

Do not defend these devs. They are actually on an endless circle of "GIVE ME MONEY and wait a little longer for the game to be released, oh and GIVE ME MORE MONEY while you wait". They're just trying to nickle and dime everyone.

TheScotsman53d ago

It's a cash grab for sure, but some idiots continue to defend. Why would you realease a game if people keep paying ? This game needs canned or released properly.

Mithan53d ago

agreed, vapor ware with idiots defending.