Mortal Kombat 11 Next-Gen Upgrade, Ultimate Edition & Kombat Pack 2 Detailed

WB Games has sent the press release regarding the Mortal Kombat 11 next-gen upgrade, Ultimate Edition pricing, Kombat Pack 2 details and more.

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291d ago
Redlife2g291d ago

Nice.. Its free if you already own it

excaliburps291d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping that the majority sticks to this. I mean, I know it's added work and all, but it's hard to justify buying the same game twice.

291d ago
NapalmSanctuary291d ago

I'd kill for a port of MK9 on next gen machines. That game was so much fun. The only things that could make that game better would be fixing some wonky animations, particularly stance movement animations. Fix it so the characters always stand so that their chests are facing the player, removing the need for a stance switch button. That and fixing the multitude of balance issues. That game had some broken ass characters. Still the best of the new era 2D MK games. The best MK game so far, IMO.

And thats saying something cause it was MK3/UMK3/MK Trilogy that made me a gamer. I would have never cared about gaming like I did had I not started playing MK3. I would have never bought a ps1 for MK Trilogy and been introduced to so many great games as a result. I just hope MK9 doesn't get left in the dust. they killed the ps3/360 online servers and removed the game entirely from steam which fucking sucks.