New NVMe SSD From WD Revealed, And It's Fast Enough For The PS5

Western Digital has unveiled new SSD storage options, including a new Game Dock, add-in card, and an NVMe SSD fast enough for the PS5.

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Double_O_Revan376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

All for the low Low price of $229 for 1TB, without Heatsink. Heatsink is $20 more. Even the 500GB is $149. Next Gen storage is gonna be expensive!

For now I think I'll just use my external WD Black P10 5TB HD and swap games in and out of the internal storage.

CaptainHenry916376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

I think the one with heatsink is only   intended for Desktop PCs. But I do agree it's expensive. If you buy a 2tb with your PS5 you are looking at $950.00 about a price of a PC

xer0376d ago

I think I'll go with the 1TB model.

We don't know how much space the O/S will take up, but i think this will make for around 1.6TB of total storage on the PS5.

That's plenty for my needs, as I usually play 1 or 2 Games at a time.

morganfell376d ago

People are ignoring the fact this is the first one out of the gate. What do you think is going to happen to prices when other competitors enter the field? Do the math, availability + competition = ....

crazyCoconuts376d ago

yea don't buy anything yet lol. When these become more commonplace we're gonna be really happy Sony went with a non-proprietary solution for SSDs

Bladesfist375d ago

@morganfell each company will try and recoup the costs that went into developing the device and over the next few years competition will start driving prices down slowly.

codycoop2132375d ago

well get the digital and an extra 1tb and that = $628 can't build a pc for that price.

Asuka375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

You may need the heatsink. Just going off the tear down you can clearly see there is enough space in the compartment for the stick and a heatsink. You will want it because nvme drives get hot and you will see diminishing I/O speeds without proper cooling, and seeing as how that big beefy heatsink in the PS5 does not seem to cover the expansion slot I don't think you'll have choice sadly. The ps5 and it's games being so dependent on that super fast I/O you cannot afford for those speeds to dip. Hope I'm wrong tho.

Also for everyone saying to wait... It may be a while. Even on the PC space PCI4.0 isn't widely adopted, or even support on any current Intel platform. AMD has had support for 3-4 years now and prices are still high. DRAM and NAND flash prices have been historically high tho I believe have leveled off this year. Even if other 3rd parties come out with their own sticks they all still get there DRAM and NAND flash modules from the same 3 or 4 foundaries (samsung, micron, etc) so pricing isn't going to fluctuate much... and then there are the cases on price fixing... welcome to PC gaming 😂

Loktai375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Not if you want that fast storage with the PC.

These are pc parts.... you won't be building a gaming pc with storage that fast for a grand unless you cut corners on every other thing. If storage is that important to someone and they want to buy the digital edition for 399 plus a 200 dollar ssd for a 600 dollar total and 1.8tb of total storage then... again you won't be buying anything close to that for 600 in the pc space... even the cheapest scenario where it's all slow budget parts, 50 for case 80 for ram 50 for power supply 100 for sys board 100 for cpu 200 for gpu 150 for 2tb of reasonably fast storage , not including any controller yet or anything you are already beyond the price of the ps5 plus a storage upgrade

darthv72375d ago

I believe WD and Sandisk are also making compatible memory cards for the SS/SX. Seagate just has the first batch but there will be others. Like Morgan says... competition will bring the prices down.

morganfell375d ago (Edited 375d ago )


No. SSD’s were a new thing then I would see your point. But that isn’t the case so there isn’t a vast R&D combined with spin up to production to recoup. In addition this isn’t a specialty device targeted at a single console which would require a massive percentage of users to help recoup costs, rather this is a device that works across multiple platforms increasing the buyer demographic and rapidly funneling money to the producer. It will go down. Quick.

Sunny12345375d ago

I would wait atleast 6 months after ps5 launches to invest into peripherals/extra storage. Moreover I have 1gb download speed, so 1tb should suffice would delete and redownload if required.

bouzebbal375d ago

I think I'll go for no extension.. 800gb is plenty for the first few months.. I'll worry about space later like with ps4

RedDevils375d ago

@bouzebbal you don't need to worry about storage later, as if you buy a new ssd it will extend your storage on top of the current storage within the PS5. I.e 2tb extra will be 2tb total but 2.85 tb.

CaptainHenry916375d ago (Edited 375d ago )


The upcoming Rocket Lake cpu will support PCI4.0 it launches early December. Intel already said it will support it

Ju375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Component price is the same for a PC. If you want a 2TB nvme gen 4 in your PC, you'll pay the same $270-$300 right now. At least you'd have a choice to plug in a Gen 3 until the prices come down (what I did), but you aren't getting near 0 load times on a PC (not even with Gen4). X570 ~185, R7 8core $340. That alone is more than $500. No RAM, case, PSU, keyboard/mouse controller or OS or GPU (10Tf is still ~$400-500 just for that). And on top of that you'd still need that drive.


No problem, I need that 2 tb.

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DJStotty376d ago

On par with MS proprietary.

I think i will just use my 2TB external and transfer when needed.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

There is a massive performance gap between the XSX SSD and the aftermarket PS5 compatible SSDs. The Xbox SSD is, clearly, overpriced.

DJStotty376d ago (Edited 376d ago )


I was saying the price is on par with the proprietary, i mentioned absolutely nothing about the speeds of the relative SSD's.

Regardless of performance, it will cost the same for 1TB on either console, stop triggering so quick.

If you own a Series X, you are not going to be saying "but the PS5 SSD is better performance, i might get that" because you can't.

SullysCigar376d ago

This is the first one fast enough for PS5. Once there are more, competition will force prices down - not to mention store sales.

This can't happen with a proprietary solution. That's why companies are attracted to go the proprietary route, there's more money to be made from a captive audience.

This news bodes well for cheaper SSD expansions on PS5 compared to Xbox Series S/X.

StoneyYoshi375d ago

The difference here is that more competition will release their options for PS5 and SSD prices WILL go down and that has been proven with current PCI-E Gen 3.0 prices. I cant remember the last time I saw a price drop for proprietary storage besides sales especially from MS. Memory cards from Sony, MS and Nintendo back in the day always stayed the same price through previous generations.

Edit: Actually I believe Sony dropped the price on the Vita memory cards but thats probably more related to how the Vita flopped rather than out of kindness.

Hakuoro375d ago

It's not on par even just price wise, this is an unfair statement. This SSD is a full generation ahead of what Microsoft is offering. It's more than twice the value.

Ju375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Standard Gen 3 1TB ~$110 - those are half the price of Gen 4 drives. MS sells that for the same price as Gen4.

I absolutely say the PS5 is twice as fast and I go with it specifically because of that. That will have a huge impact on UI and all other (non) gaming elements.

DJStotty375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

You missing the point Sully

Regardless of whether SSD's compatible with PS5 get reduced, Microsoft and Seagate will reduce the price of proprietary to match. What makes you think proprietary storage costs will not get reduced?

You think the average gamer (parents/kids etc) would be confident opening up a £400 console to expand the storage for the console?

DJStotty375d ago


"It's not on par even just price wise, this is an unfair statement."

They are both around $220, last time i checked, on par means

"As good as, equal to, as in This violinist may be an amateur but he's on a par with professional orchestral players. The noun par has meant “that which is equal” since the mid-1600s; the idiom here was first recorded in 1832."

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen375d ago


Actually there are three M.2 NVMe 4.0 SSDs that exceed the requirements for PS5:

Western Digital

There are more coming over the next few months. Personally, I would wait until Sony actually confirms which SSDs will work.

Ju375d ago

Sabrent and Samsung look promising. But they need to deliver 7GB/s sustained. Looks like they are close. What's different with this one, though, it was explicitly mentioned as PS5 ready (in marketing material) while the other ones might work. We'll find out eventually.

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RazzerRedux376d ago

Definitely wise to wait as those prices are going to come down in 2021. And the nice thing about these non-proprietary SSDs is the fact that you don't have to buy a 1TB. Maybe 500GB expansion is all you need. Get that and save some money. Nice having non-proprietary third party options, isn't it?

phoenixwing376d ago

You're not wrong razzer. Sony did it's customers a kindness by making it proprietary. Competition will drive the price down eventually.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen376d ago

Yep. Unlike the proprietary SSDs, the aftermarket SSDs will definitely see prices fall within the first year because of COMPETITION something a proprietary SSD will never see.

DEEHULK88376d ago

I doubt that if you used up all of the storage that the PS5 comes with that you would go with a 500gb expansion.

Atom666375d ago

Sure is nice. I'm thinking end of next year might be the soonest I jump into expansions if I've grabbed a PS5 by then.

Sounds like we "may" see competition on Xbox too. So that's good.

Tacoboto375d ago

The 970 EVO NVMe I purchased last year is currently the same $169.99 that I purchased it for over a year ago. For a portion of the summer as remote work orders were instituted, it was going for about $180.

Supply & Demand & this high-end storage doesn't grow on trees. Now that the highest-selling next-gen console with limited storage is joining in the NVMe game, are prices really going to go in the consumers' favor, in just a few months, when PCIe 3 drives aren't even budging?

RazzerRedux375d ago

"Now that the highest-selling next-gen console with limited storage is joining in the NVMe game, are prices really going to go in the consumers' favor, in just a few months, when PCIe 3 drives aren't even budging?"

Yes. A single product price isn't a reference for the entire market.

I paid $10 more for this PCIe 4 Corsair than you did that slower Samsung drive:

And also...

RAM and SSD prices will soon plummet due to oversupply and weak demand

SSDs expected to drop below 10 cents per GB by the end of the year

Ju375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Gen 3 drive have been stable, true. But also because there is not a huge market and benefit for Gen 4 drives. Games which directly take advantage of that on a PC are pretty much non existent (none really takes advantage of Gen 3 either). But Gen 4 is definitively faster. The PS5 will increase that demand and with it competition. Can only be good for all, PC and PS5 markets. And hopefully now that intel is getting on to the PCIe 4.0 train. There was simply no pressure on the Gen3 nvme market and, well, I agree, demand went up and but with all that trade war and covid situation, that price didn't really move much.

On a PC, tbh, I have 2x2TB Gen3 drives. 2TB Gen 3 still better value than 1TB Gen 4 for comparable prices. And like I said, unfortunately, nothing really maxes out those drives, either.

DJStotty375d ago

It is quite simple :-

Get a PS5 and have the option of extra SSD storage - will have to open the console to install, or pay someone to do it. (Does doing this void the warranty of the console?), how many people will buy one, and make the mistake of buying one that is not fast enough - or use any external SSD/HDD on the market.

Get an xbox series X and have the option of extra SSD storage - Can either buy the 1TB expansion seagate card - or use any external SSD/HDD on the market.

RazzerRedux375d ago

XSX's method is easier, no doubt. Just like Xbox 360's proprietary drive interface was easier. But it was more expensive throughout the entire generation. People somehow managed to install new HDD in PS3 and PS4. This is simpler than that. It will be ok. I think it is hilarious people are trying to pretend this is so difficult to do.

"Does doing this void the warranty of the console?"

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Hakuoro376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

For an SSD that fast $229 actually is a very good deal when compared with other similar SSD's. It's has more than double the write speed and almost double the read speed as the Sabrant Rocket which has been the go to PCIe4 SSD for basically the same price.

That's not to say it's not expensive but when you compare it to Microsoft's proprietary SSD that's less than half the speed and the same price... for a console owner it's a steal of a price.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen376d ago

If you wait until the market is saturated with PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs, the price will drop. PS4 had the same type of "pricing" issues with HDD when it first came out, but over time, prices dropped and within 6 months instead of paying 250 bucks for a 1TB HDD the prices dropped to $100 -$150 range. Now you can get a 1TB HDD for $75. The same thing will happen with these SSDs within 6 months.

codycoop2132375d ago

Yeah but this shows you the trend and why it was smarter for Sony to come out with a standard nvme expansion instead of a proprietary solution like M$

Atom666375d ago

It's going to take some time, but prices will go down. Just go with an external for now. Transfers between the two should only be a few minutes per game.

Thankfully MS is starting to talk about having future non-proprietary cards.

Hakuoro375d ago

"Thankfully MS is starting to talk about having future non-proprietary cards."

If they have to be licensed by Microsoft they are still propriety even if they have multiple brands.

"Just go with an external for now.."

Yea it's nice that Sony actually went with full super speed 10gbs USB unlike Microsoft which cheaped out with only USB 3.1 at 5gbs.

RazzerRedux375d ago

Hmmm, but that expansion port is entirely proprietary. I don't see how SSDs with non-proprietary connectors would be an option. Different sizes will be great. Form factors is a bit vague. Probably means casing different from what there is, but still the same proprietary interface.

Atom666375d ago


The change in form factor specifically is what interested me. Maybe we'll see an enclosure-type scenario that still uses that expansion card slot?


"Yea it's nice that Sony actually went with full super speed 10gbs USB unlike Microsoft which cheaped out with only USB 3.1 at 5gbs"

Enjoy your extra 2 minutes. FFS, maybe spend that extra two minutes by not spewing constant fanboy war bullshit for once.

Ju375d ago

10Gb USB...btw. What is that Ethernet port? Still 1Gb? Crazy to think that thing has 3 (!) 10Gb ports + Wifi 6. Would be a monster router, tbh.

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umair_s51375d ago

So the Xbox solution is cheaper, and much more user-friendly.

Ron_Danger375d ago

You might want to fact check yourself.

umair_s51375d ago

What do you mean by facts?

Ju375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

..and much slower (and hotter - no cooling?)

umair_s51375d ago

It is fact that it is more portable, it is a fact that it is cheaper. Ant it is a fact that it doesn't d external. Facts, lol.

Ju375d ago

...and still much slower.

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nickanasty206375d ago

Unfortunately, WD Black drives are some of the cheaper ones out there compared to the competition. So get ready for a price hike regardless of competition if you actually want a good brand for your storage. Sure you could buy Sabrient, but i wouldn't recommend it.

porkChop375d ago

Is this drive actually compatible with the PS5? Don't they need to still be certified in order to work?

Ju375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

There is some marketing material floating around specifically labeling this one (SN850) as "PS5 Game Drive" and it seems to me, that heatsink is designed to fit into that slot.

frostypants375d ago

I mean it's not exactly apples-to-apples. It's more expensive than old school HDD storage, but that's like observing that a Tesla costs more than a Huffy bicycle.

itsmebryan375d ago

Has Sony put out a recommendation for which ones are compatible, certified, or which specs?

FyBy375d ago

Wait a little. Prices will go lower.

sprinterboy375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Nxt gen was always gonna be expensive, most still need to buy a 4k TV too, the ps5 and series S/X were the least of my worries, it was always gonna be the tv and, sound bar, upgraded SSD etc which was gonna be the extra wallet burner lol.

Slappy McGee375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Using an external HDD still hasn't been confirmed to work for cold storage of PS5 games yet, just for storing and playing PS4 games.

375d ago
gerbintosh375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Competition, and the fact there is a bigger market, will bring down prices faster than Microsoft's proprietary solution

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kryteris376d ago

not going to pay double the price of the very fine sn750's.

Saijahn375d ago

You will indeed because if you want storage that actually works with either console's architecture you'll need to pay the toll.

375d ago
StoneyYoshi375d ago

Its Double the speed of the SN750's and the SN850 is PCI-E 4.0 and the 750 is 3.0 so it wouldn't work with the ps5 due to the slower speed and the NVME interface being older.

kryteris372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

not really. more an excuse to push prices up. reviews did not impress much perhaps these newer ones but still if xbox can do third parties at much less so could sony.

zacfoldor376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

WD has done well with their forward thinking product catalog, and I really have nothing against them. I actually think they make great products. However, I'll be waiting for reports from other PS5 users before choosing my NVMe SSD expansion.

StoneyYoshi375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

If this helps, I have a SN750 from WD in my gaming PC and it is a fantastic SSD! I'll most likely stick with either WD or Samsung for any future SSD's for my PC or my PS5 for the foreseeable future.

375d ago
jukins376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

If anyone's been in the market for nvme lately you'll know just be patient. Wonder if xbox will be able to be flexible with its prices as the market changes

Saijahn375d ago

Already confirmed that more storage options will be available over time in different form factors and capacities. Mr. Ronald stated this and was confirmed by Greenberg

Killer73nova375d ago

I hope they are able to improve on the speed to match if not exceed ps5’s ssd. Idk if that is possible or even necessary for Microsoft to do but would be nice to close that gap with ps5.