PlayStation Announces Upcoming Trophy levelling Changes

A quick tour of the enhancements rolling out tonight for Trophies.

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Hellcat2020112d ago

So I'll jump from level 22 to 220
I'll take it

NecrumOddBoy112d ago

I like the subtiers of trophies. I enjoy the meta-game.

bouzebbal112d ago

I don't get it, one thing you jump in level, but what's the deal with platinum level 999only??

Gardenia112d ago

I had the idea of the option to get double trophies when you play a game again after having the platinum trophy. With a double or triple platinum if you want. It doesn't even have to give you points for them, only visible on the trophy page.

There are a lot of games I want to replay and get the trophies again. It would have been a nice bonus if they did that.

SyntheticForm112d ago


I like it.

New generation of trophies.

Lore112d ago

They need to implement these into a nee version of PS Home!

Seraphim111d ago

yeah it takes way to long to level up in the mid 20s. Don't recall how bad early 20s were. I will admit that I haven't been playing as many games lately but it's taking a year per level from, probably, 23+. That includes at least 2 platinums annually as well. Sometimes as many as 4-5. I just rolled over my annual rank to 26 with, I think, Ghost of Tsushima Platinum.

111d ago
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Kran112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Cool, but, could we maybe have a reward system similar to how Xbox rewards their players earning achievements maybe? Yknow, make getting trophies worth more than just a ding anymore? Hell, its satisfying when you get given a theme for earning the platinum (though only for select games...), getting rewarded for earning 100 gold trophies for example would also be great!

Heck, didnt the US even have a reward system for earning trophies? Where's this for the UK/EU/Other countries?

KyRo112d ago

I wish we could use trophy artwork as avatars. It would be a good way to use artwork that you probably wouldn't look at again after earning said trophy, even if it was just the platinum trophy artwork. It's something.

Philaroni112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Funny enough they did that on PS3.. I was in the Rewards thing and they decided to not go though with it. Everyone that was part of it got a T-shit in Japanese saying "Thank you for trying our Failed Program." I wish they would bring it back.

Silly gameAr112d ago

We do have a rewards system for earning trophies. Not sure if they do in UK or other contries, but you should probably do more research on the subject.

Kran112d ago

I literally said that in my comment... But you should probably read my whole comment on the subject.

Aussieguy112d ago

Yes i reckon thats a great idea also. I never bother with trophies in gwmes, but i remember when i used to own a xbox 360 i would try and complete achievements if it gave out a cool theme.

I remember certain games did this and it was much more of an incentive, then a basic achievement. I really hope Sony does something similar, but probably the only way they would is if a lot of people requested it. As Sony does listen to its fans, but it takes a lot of them before they do.

SpadeX111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Not sure if this counts but sometimes I receive rewards when I reach certain parts in certain games. Like Persona 5 Royal for example, Sony sent me a few emails whenever I reached certain palaces or beat the game and those emails included codes that I redeemed which gave me new themes. I also received some email for "bragging rights" when I beat Journey.

blackblades111d ago

We had multiple rewards systems but the got scrapped. Now the one we have now is from Sony as a whole. Like buying movies and buying others things like a credit rewards.

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zsquaresoff112d ago

Can someone explain what has changed, I have read it twice and still can't make out what is being said.

Stanjara112d ago

Read slowly, read it a couple of times, try to understand. Read it again, and again, then rest.
Have a thought about what you have red, and then read it again.
Then reward yourself.
Then read it again.

sprinterboy112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

It's not complicated dude, have you actually read it?
Depending on difficulty of colours
3 levels of bronze 1\300
3 levels of silver 301/600
3 levels of gold 601/998
Platinum 999
Plus some new trophy icons to separate each trophy colour

SpadeX111d ago

I doubt he read it lol, I think he was waiting for someone to tldr.

RpgSama112d ago

This is awesome news!!! I am lvl 18 and it takes SO much time to level up, this is going to make getting trophies even more fun if you see yourself leveling up quicker.

sprinterboy112d ago

Looks like a nice upgrade for sure lvl 22 myself fella and yes the bar moves so slow haha.
Feels like 3 years from going from lvl19 to 22 lol

RpgSama112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Yes, and with work and a family I don't have as much time to play as before, so everything takes SO much time, I've been playing Ghost of Tsushima since release date (July 17) and I still haven't been able to finish the game, much less getting the platinum.

Ron_Danger112d ago

Wait till you’re lvl 40... I got a platinum in a vita game the other day and I don’t even think the bar went up 1%.

RpgSama111d ago

@Sprinterboy & Ron_Danger

I'm lvl 311 now, lol.

SpadeX111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I think at some point after the changes, you'll not be able to level up fast, like from 600-998

Hikoran112d ago

Absolutely love the changes. I think we will see a more robust and connected reward system in the future too

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