PS5 Teardown: An inside look at our most transformative console yet

Your first look at PS5's internal components that will power the next generation of amazing games.

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Doge894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Cool stuff! Holy crap that heatsink though 👀💦

xer0894d ago

So stoked to see this.
Looking forward to getting my hands on the PS5 :)

bouzebbal894d ago

This guy should work for PlayStation he knows quite a bit about ps5.. He voids his console for a teardown. Thanks

UltraNova894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Wow...the whole design screams quality.

That liquid metal cooling solution took 2 years to be designed!

Cool stuff (pun intended) !

darthv72894d ago

Liquid metal.... we are witnessing the birth of skynet and the T1000

anubusgold894d ago

@UltraNova They could have just asked Thermal grizzly to supply them the liquid metal thermal paste since they have been selling it for years.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen894d ago

I want to see metallic or black panels. Those colors would look so right with the PS5's design.

badz149894d ago

Sony has really made it easy to expand the storage for their consoles since the PS3. good to see that with the PS5, it's going to be just as easily accessed as the PS3 and PS4, and the M.2 installation is just like how you would do on PC despite the high spec requirement for the 3rd party NVMe.

MS on the other hand, despite using average PCIe gen3 class speed SSD, chose to use overpriced propriety format to nickel and dime its fanbase. shame

darthv72894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

I watched it again and it seems to be pretty easy to retrofit a digital edition into a disc edition. Just need the drive and the appropriate plate. What I couldnt see is how the drive plugs into the mainboard. There was a little cable that was first unplugged before the rest of the tear down so that must be how.

And i love that attention to detail regarding the stand and where to put the mounting screw and plug.

blackbeld894d ago

Quality builds, very nice! Sony knows how to make perfect hardware. I love it :)

UltraNova894d ago (Edited 894d ago )


I'm sure Sony in all their experience had tested 3rd party LM pastes before deciding on this solution. That said the whole LM paste enclosure and massive heatsink + fan design, i.e thermal design, is what took 2 years to develop, not just picking the LM paste.

Speaking of the heatsink - I think I never saw a bigger one, in consoles at least, which shows how seriously Sony took thermals and noise this time around. I'd be very surprised if the ps5 isn't the most cool and quiet console ever.

darthv72894d ago

@nova... that thing looked like the size of the UNSC Infinity when he pulled it out of the casing.

UltraNova894d ago (Edited 894d ago )


Halo reference, I can see the resemblance ...nice! (Like unlocked).

PS: Halo on PlayStation confirmed??? Hehe

Babadook7894d ago

I've never heard of liquid metal cooling for a processor. Pretty neat stuff.

SyntheticForm894d ago


He said "We have spent over two years preparing the adoption of the liquid metal cooling mechanism."

I have no doubt that he already works for Sony.

fr0sty893d ago

Look at that heatsink while remembering all the FUD about the variable clock speeds when things start running hot and how it would cripple PS5's performance... Looks like we'll be running at 100% far more often than not.

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RazzerRedux894d ago

Glad to see it. The PS5 isn't big for the sake of being big. That heatsink is going to help keep the unit cool and quiet. That fan too. Wow, it is large.

Love the SSD placement. Easy to get to. Anyone who knows how a screwdriver works should be able to install an SSD in that unit.

crazyCoconuts894d ago

Agreed. I think the dual-position stand and the user accessible vacuum holes to remove dust are really great consumer-oriented features as well. The panels being so easy to remove is a nice touch.Very well thought out design, and looks awesome too

gameslayer2411894d ago

I agree! That damn heatsink is a monster! And the Depth of that fan!? Some people see "120mm" fan and think no big deal, but hot damn that boy is thick!!

I do agree that having the m.2 easy to get to is paramount. Those of is that build computers or tinker with electronics are usually the only ones that feel confident swapping drives or tearing things apart, but I'm sure even my wife could do this. Kudos for ease of access and installation. Nov 12th hurry up already!!!!

NEXUS-6894d ago

Razzer - I'm worried about the heat dissipation of the user installed NVME. I didn't see any heat sink, it may get residual air flow from the fans. I'm sure Sony know what they're doing though.

894d ago
RazzerRedux894d ago


PS5 certified third party SSD will probably require a heatsink. There is enough depth there to accommodate a heatsink.

NEXUS-6894d ago

Yep - plenty of depth there, not sure on the width though. If the heat sinks are like the EK ones that would be fine, but an Auros drive may cause problems. Just a thought.

imtiyaz6894d ago

The SSD looks soldered in

DarXyde894d ago

That's not all.

It actually looks like someone with a little know-how can drop a disc drive onto an all digital edition.

johndoe11211894d ago

That fan literally looks just like the fan in my car's air condition system. That's insane. The ps5 will probably run cool in almost any situation.

SullysCigar894d ago

Not gonna lie, my excitement was building and then when I saw confirmation of liquid metal ... I nerdgasmed :o(

Hakuoro894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

NEXUS-6 RazzerRedux

Why do you guys think SSD's need heatsinks? I have been using a Samsung EVO that sits right under my GPU and I have never had any kind of heat issues. (And I have used things like HWmontior that shows temps frequently)

I see this topic come up all the time, SSD's don't really generate a lot of heat even under load. The heat sinks you see on a lot of SSD's are just gimmicks like putting a "gaming" label on a router.

Factually SSD's on average run at a lower operating temperature than mechanical drives that generate heat spinning the platters.

RazzerRedux894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

PCIe 4.0 SSD runs hotter than older SSD. That's why you see so many new SSD with heatsinks

Hakuoro894d ago


The thermal throttle for most SSD's begins at 80C

There is virtually no case in which the PS5 SSD will ever reach anything near that PCIe 4 or not.

RazzerRedux894d ago

I'm not saying heatsinks are completely necessary. Just making the observation that a lot of newer SSDs tend to have heatsinks. We will have to wait for Sony to announced their certified line of third party to know what is required for PS5.

1Victor894d ago

@Razzer you’ll be surprised of how many people can’t screw and end up with the wrong screwdriver 😂 / 🌽ny JK
I was amazed of how small the SSD are compared to how big the heat sink and fan are. 😱🤯

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Jin_Sakai894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

The 120mm double sided fan will definitely move some air. It also took Sony over two years to develop a liquid metal thermal conductor.

The heat sink is massive and I love the fact PS5 has two dust catchers that you can vacuum out for easy cleaning.

Sony didn’t cheap out this time! Good job.

Also betting we get custom side panels for PS5. They’re easily removable without any tools.

NEXUS-6894d ago

And it all seemed to clip together nicely, minimal screws - so well thought out.

CaptainHenry916894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Looks like you're going to have to take out the cooling fan and dusk clean it as well over time just like you do a PC

darthv72894d ago

I agree on the custom side panels but do you think they want to go that route again? I have several of the ps4 bay covers and just like 360 plates, thwy are cool to collect.

Ju894d ago

That. And is it just me thinking that APU is TINY for what it does. Barely bigger than the PS4Pro if at all.

DarXyde894d ago

That seemed obvious. They did say it was going to be extremely customizable, so I don't think that's all we can do.

Here's hoping they produce some sexy, royal purple plates.

anubusgold894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Those plastic pieces made me cringe when he pulled them off some of them seem too thin and could easily break.

seanpitt23894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

They only cheaped out on the PS4 because they had experts saying console gaming is dead mobile gaming is taking over and is the future and after the ps3, people might have believed that, fast forward 7 years console gaming is bigger than ever and is going nowhere soon so Sony has way more confidence this time around than they did with the PS4. Bring on next gen

neutralgamer1992894d ago


Sony should sell really nice custom made covers that's a lot of extra revenue they can generate. System is well built but why we are surprised when did Sony ever not build their products with quality in mind. Their TV's last for decades too

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NEXUS-6894d ago

That Heat Sink is a BEAST! Liquid metal, 45mm 120mm fan, dual layer of insulation on the UHD drive - she's going to run sooo quite.

Great job by all involved.

morganfell894d ago

Liquid metal...T1000. Sorry, had to mention it :P

UnSelf894d ago

They opened it. You babies can shut tf up now

Doge894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Man you should be excited about how well-built this thing looks and you're out here downplaying people excited about it.


NEXUS-6894d ago

UnSelf - Seems it was the people that didn't care about the teardown, that actually cared more in the end.

UnSelf894d ago

I am beyond excited but I know how to remain poised and reserved irrespective of my interest.

Unlike these grown manbabies who whine incessantly when they don’t get what they want. It’s really ridiculous and pitiful.

NEXUS-6894d ago

I was one of them haha, Mark has teased it since The Road To PS5 presentation. Fair for people to get a little impatient.

894d ago
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no_more_heroes894d ago

I was thinking the same thing! I saw it and I was like "Jesus H, that thing is massive!"

Everything about this console is huge. PS5 is big-boned for sure lol!

I_am_Batman894d ago

Finally. This is what I've been waiting for. At a first glance, I like what I'm seeing. If those dust catchers actually work they'll save me a lot of effort to keep the console clean. I really like the big fan, especially the width of the fanblades. The heatsink is big which is good, although I don't fully understand the intended airflow yet, since the fan doesn't seem to be pushing/pulling air directly through the portion of the APU.

Speaking of which I might be wrong, but it looks like a pretty big SoC all things considered. I wonder how much die space the I/O complex takes up. Another possibility would be that some of the space is taken up by embedded static memory which would make sense, considering the RDNA2 cards will probably have something like that and it would help the PS5 to deal with potential memory bandwidth bottlenecks. On the other hand Sony would've probably already announced it if that was the case.

Liquid metal is a pleasent surprise. With copper heat sinks there shouldn't be a need to replace it since it barely reacts with copper, but in case it ever needs to be replaced, it should only be replaced with liquid metal.

shadowT894d ago

the heatsink and cooling solution is massive.

Muzikguy894d ago

Finally some more information!

Aussieguy894d ago

What is the need for a large heat sink normally, to keep things running cool ?

I hope so, and hope it stops the ps5 fans sounding like a jet engine like the ps4 pro.

StoneyYoshi894d ago

The larger the heatsink the more heat that can be transferred from the chip to radiate the heat and get blown out of the system with the fan. This design is made to avoid the jet engine noise.

SullysCigar894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Yup! It'll stop it from getting hot, so we shouldn't see the problems those journalists are having with the Series X, which is great news!

894d ago
LordoftheCritics894d ago

Love that heatsink. Reminds me of a ship from Warhammer 40k.

Muzikguy894d ago

It definitely looks like a solid built console. That stand even seems well planned out. Yeah the heatsink WOW

Dee_91894d ago

70% heatsink
this this thing is going to be quiet 😳

BrettAwesome893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

Like a mouse pissing on cotton

894d ago
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mrsolidsteel20894d ago ShowReplies(3)
RaidenBlack894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Looks like its gonna be pretty chilly in there.
Built more like a freezer.

Gardenia894d ago

Hopefully. But wouldn't liquid metal drip to one side if you put the PS5 vertically? I don't know exactly how that works. Someone can explain the difference between liquid metal and thermal paste?

RaidenBlack894d ago

Not if it's properly insulated and the correct amount of LM is used.

StoneyYoshi894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Same concern could be said for custom desktops that use it since they are usually in a vertical position. Liquid metal isn't like water. I don't know much about liquid metal but it basically adheres to the surface and when the system is pressed together, there wont be any flow of liquid metal.

S2Killinit894d ago

Hmm good question. If i had to guess, the liquid metal doesnt have room to move in there.

Christopher894d ago

It has a really strong surface tension, so it adheres well without shifting.

Ju894d ago

Supposedly it has a insolating frame around the die and solid when the machine is off (one of the benefits I guess of that solution). There was a theory about how this is supposed to work. Its not just some random apply liquid metal and press cooler onto it. Some thought went into it how to do this right at assembly.

dumahim894d ago

A great explainer based on the Sony patent.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen893d ago

It's sealed and self contained. It's designed to absorb and disperse heat away from the GPU in conjunction with the fan and heat sink. It activates (becomes liquid), when the metal is heated to a certain temperature. The liquification of the metal is the process that absorbs and disperses heat. Think of it as condensation in a bubble. When water is heated, it evaporates and the vapor is trapped along the surface of the "bubble" and becomes liquid and as the heating continues, the condensation continues.

Binarycode893d ago

Gardenia, the Liquid metal is contained and the reason it's better then paste is because at the microscopic level, a heatsink is not smooth. It has tiny blemishes and where those occur the contact is not as good. Thermal paste helps a lot, but liquid metal improves on this much further and contact is better, thus cooling it down further.