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EA has a lot to make up for with Star Wars fans due to the mishandling of the Battlefront series but it looks like they might be back on the right track with Star Wars Squadrons.

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Garethvk895d ago

Game looks good but I am bored of it already. Play a mission or two then go onto other games. I think the key is having a group of people you can play with.

CoNn3rB895d ago

It does help, solo play with randoms can feel a bit slow after a while

Garethvk895d ago

I also need to figure out my controller. I did not want to get a joystick just for the game but Mouse and Keyboard are not the best so may hook up a controller.

PSX-94895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Squadrons VR is kickass and really fun, even on normal difficulty it provides quite a lot of fun and a decent challenge with 16 missions and a prologue. Been playing it since launch and I'm still on mission 3.

I'm on offline single player only and the campaign is very satisfying. EA and Disney really hit a homerun with Squadrons VR, even the price is just right... bring on Squadrons VR 2 for PSVR, I'm all for it!