Goodbye No Man's Sky

"My time with No Man's Sky was excellent. It was the necessary escape for some of the most boring moments of my life in recent years, it was a tool for some of my favourite hobbies in video games, digital photography, and it was even the cure for my anxiety."

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NecrumOddBoy54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Brand new massive expansion dropped and you write a goodbye article as a fan? Lol okay

AbyssCrawler54d ago

Lol.... agreed with your comment.

ZeroBlue254d ago

Seems like weird articles like this pop up all the time, game journos are getting creative with the clickbait, the ragebait genre is too saturated.

53d ago
morganfell54d ago

This like a life chronicle, something that should be on Instagram where we care...and we don’t. Talk about an ego. I just want to stick a pin in him and watch him fly across the room and out the window. These so called journalists can’t seem to learn that they, their lives, their hopes, dreams, politics, and social views are utterly worthless.


FunAndGun54d ago

Until you agree with them and they support your view?

morganfell54d ago

"Until you agree with them and they support your view?"

Nope. Even then, I do not need their personality on board with the information they should be providing as part of their job, which is to inform the public. Not guide the public, not sway the public, but rather inform.

CorndogBurglar53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

There are different types of articles that journalists can write. I see this a lot on this site. People have this idea that journalists are only supposed to report the unbiased news (provide information), and thats it.

But that isn't true at all. Editorials, reviews, opinion pieces......these have all been legitimate forms of journalism for a very, very long time.

I'm not saying anyone should give a crap about these people's opinions over anyone else's. But it doesn't mean their job is "providing information" 100% of the time.

If its a news article? Sure. No opinions should be present. It should be totally unbiased. But this is clearly marked as an OPINION PIECE. And quite frankly they have just as much of a right to post their opinions as we do here in these message boards. They just have a bigger platform.

King_Noctis54d ago

Sometimes you gotta pull a rabbit out of thin air when it comes to writing an opinion piece.

gamesR4fun54d ago

As if these so called game writers actually play games when they have a culture war ta win eh....

53d ago
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I’ve never even played no mans sky but I have to agree with some of these comments. Seems a bit self-absorbed (and perhaps malicious) to publish an article announcing tat you’re done with a game thats spent 3 years clawing it’s way to a solid footing. Good for you I suppose?

dumahim54d ago

Too bad they didn't bother to put that effort in to getting the features they said would be there before they released the game.

TheScotsman54d ago

People like you are the people that need to get out of gaming, release was three years ago, game is now very solid. And here we are your still bring up the launch, what a deadbeat are you friends with the guy that wrote the article I guess?

Hello games have addresses everything that any player has ever mentioned a d then some.

You truly are a bottom feeder

MASTER_RAIDEN54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Right, which is why they spent the aforementioned 3 years correcting and even greatly-enhancing the game.

...and THATS why it’s especially peculiar that someone would publish an opinion piece with such a malicious-feeling title at this point in time, considering that NMS finally got its...wings (lol). Regardless of whatever runaround of Logic the article gives, the author is using such an invalidating headline to A) generate clicks, and B) almost discourage others from investing in the game.
If in fact you’re not trying to discourage others from playing, then all that you’re actually saying is that you stopped playing for whatever personal reason you have, which isn’t newsworthy. Sounds like you just got bored brah.

Articles like this have headlines like: “IM DONE WITH THIS GAME FOREVER, SUCK IT, NERDS”

but then start their actual article with: “with its beautiful nuance and endless replayability, NMS is like a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a vest. Oh the pain of it all!”

dumahim53d ago

Sorry. But they said these things were in the game. I bought the game based on what they told us was there. A lot of it wasn't, I finished the game and was done. What they did after that is irrelevant to what they said would be there and wasn't. There's no excuse for straight up lying to the customers. If you want to support that shady stuff, be my guest

CWheatley53d ago

So you'd rather Hello Games abandon the game completely instead of correct their errors free of charge?

I know what you're saying, but given the condition of NMS at launch compared to where we are now and considering they could have just moved on, charged for additional updates, etc, etc...

You know what, you do you.

CorndogBurglar53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

"If in fact you’re not trying to discourage others from playing, then all that you’re actually saying is that you stopped playing for whatever personal reason you have, which isn’t newsworthy."

Why do people on this site have a hard time understanding the difference between news and editorials? You're right. Opinions and personal feelings are not newsworthy. But this isn't a news article and isn't trying to be one. Its clearly marked as an opinion piece.

Journalists have been writing editorials, reviews, and opinion pieces long before video games were even a thing. You don't have to agree with the writer of these types of articles. But I find it funny that no one ever brings up this argument when the opinion piece is a favorable opinion that most people agree with. If someone came out with an article explaining why they love Ghost of Tsushima so much you wouldn't see anyone complaining about the author writing about their opinion.

At the end of the day, if the writer is trying to pass of their opinion as news, or inserting their opinion into a news article, then yeah, they are in the wrong. But opinion pieces and editorials have been a legitimate form of journalism for over 100 years.

Like I said in another comment. Its really no different than us posting our opinions in these message boards. They just have a bigger platform.

Phoenix7654d ago

Oh no! Your leaving! However will Sean Murray and Hello Games manage without you..... (rolls eyes)

RaidenBlack53d ago

Yea ... the title and the temp grabbed my attention.
And I was like lol wut?
And then came straight to the comment section.

johndoe1121154d ago

What the hell is the point of this article?

SamPao54d ago

I think its called a personal piece. Somebody that wants to write something about a personal experience

I dont see the problem here


It’s the “adult” Internet version of a runaway note for attention. Lol. Unless you’re giving away your gear/games/systems etc...just exit stage left and head to the parking lot.

53d ago
Outlawzz54d ago

My time with no man's sky has just started actually, pretty cool in vr. *End opinion article*

lucanbanerius53d ago

I like how the vr option is actually a built-in feature and not a separate game like other games have done.

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